In this digital world, the iPhone is becoming more and more popular with people, especially for young children. Why? In fact, powerful functions of iPhone allow them to do whatever they want, such as watching videos, chatting and shopping online and more. However, there are also many people who misuse their iPhone to do some harmful and dangerous things, such as visiting porn websites, making friends with strangers. So with a preparation for monitoring or protecting them on the iPhone, installing an iPhone Spy Software is quite essential.

In fact, no matter who you want to spy, it is unrealistic to spy the monitored users by yourself. You need to rely on some tools, such as iPhone keylogger. Whenever you choose iPhone keylogger, iKeyMonitor Keylogger for iPhone should be strongly recommended.

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What You can Get with iKeyMonitor

  • Typed/pasted keystrokes & passwords
  • Incoming and outgoing text messages
  • Typed/pasted keystrokes & passwords
  • Incoming and outgoing text messages

As long as you have figured out the most powerful function of iKeyMonitor, maybe you just want to install iKeyMonitor to enjoy that by yourself. The below is the accurate installation for your reference.

How to Install iKeyMonitor on iPhone?

  • Step 1
    Download and Install iKeyMonitor

    Before you install iPhone Spy, please notice that All the Spy Software for iPhone can ONLY be installed on JAILBROKEN iOS devices. If there is "Cydia" app on your iPhone, it turns out to be a jail-broken iPhone.

    Please search "iKeyMonitor" and choose the one from "BigBoss" source, or you may be unable to register it with your license key.

    Search for iKeyMonitor in Cydia
  • Step 2
    Configure iKeyMonitor

    If you want to configure iKeyMonitor, please enter "http://localhost:8888" in Safari to open iKeyMonitor, please reboot your iPhone and enter the URLs again if you are unable to open the page.

    iKeyMonitor allows you to check the logs remotely. There are two options available – Email or FTP delivery. All the configuration of email delivery can be finished on the "Settings" page of iKeyMonitor. Then you have to click the Test Email button to confirm the correctness of the settings.

    As for the FTP delivery, the process is similar to the Email delivery roughly.

    Configure iKeyMonitor Settings

    Security Tips and Tricks:

    1. Please press "Hide jailbreak info(Cydia)" and "Change URL to http://localhost" button if you want to hide Cydia icon and change the access URL of iKeyMonitor.
    2. The default password currently is blank. To change the password, please press "Protect the keylogger with password" in the settings.
    3. To turn on/off the monitoring remotely, please visit cloud panel with the user name and password received after purchase.
  • Step 3
    Check Results Remotely

    After configuration, iKeyMonitor will secretly spy on the keystroke, website, SMS, WhatsApp and screen activities on the targeted iPhone and send all the logged data to specified Email box or FTP space. You can check the log reports anywhere with smart phones, tablets and computers.

    Receive Log Emails from iKeyMonitor

What can you do with iKeyMonitor?

  • 1
    Keep your kids away from unhealthy information

    Too much unhealthy information, including the violent games, the porn websites, is flooding on the internet, it is really hard for the young people to distinguish right from wrong. As the wise parents, you need to spy on your kids’ iPhone so as to instruct them to make full use of the iPhone.

  • 2
    Clear out your suspicion to your spouse

    Whenever your spouse spends too much time on the iPhone, you may suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. In fact, the suspicion can break the relationship between yours. You can spy your spouse after you get her or his permission so as to clean out your suspicion.

  • 3
    Master your employees’ iPhone usage

    Many international companies would prefer to distribute the iPhone to the manager. In fact, many bosses are afraid of the inappropriate use of the iPhone. Spying on the iPhone enables you to master your manager’s iPhone usage. As long as you discovered the improper use of the iPhone, such as leaking company’s secrets, you are able to stop it timely.

  • 4
    Get the stolen or lost iPhone back

    Many people are accustomed to store the phone numbers on the iPhone. As long as the iPhone is lost or stolen, the important information is lost as well. It is not too hard to imagine the importance of spying on the iPhone. Spying on your iPhone gives you more opportunity to get your stolen or lost iPhone back.

    As long as you have acknowledged the importance of iKeyMonitor, then how to use iKeyMonitor is another problem actually. Maybe you are able to find out some solutions if you have read the below.


  1. Please confirm if your iPhone is JAILBROKEN. iKeyMonitor can be installed on jail-broken iPhone only.
  2. Please install iKeyMonitor on the iPhone that you have the ownership only.
  3. If you want to spy on others’ iPhone with iKeyMonitor, please refer to the local law of your country to make sure that you have the right to do so.

Be very careful about your use of the iPhone Spy Software. It is legal to use it to monitor on the iPhone you own, such as your employees or children. However, it is illegal to monitor the iPhone usage on suspecting third parties and you can be subject to prosecution.


How can I spy on my daughter’s WhatsApp messages? Is there any way that I can spy on my little girl’s WhatsApp messages via PC or anything else? She has an Android phone, and I took away the phone and no one message left on the phone. After I gave the phone back to her, I saw she was texting and hiding something from me. Could I see her WhatsApp messages?

Today WhatsApp messenger has become the top instant messaging client that is widely used by people all over the world.. People, especially young teenagers, prefer to use WhatsApp to send text messages, documents, images, videos, audio media messages to their families, friends, colleagues, etc. If parents want to track what children do, who they usually contact with, spy on WhatsApp messages is definitely the most important way.

In order to spy on children’s WhatsApp messages efficiently, parents commonly need to physically install an invisible WhatsApp spy tool on children’s smartphones. iKeyMonitor, as the most professional WhatsApp spy app for iPhone, is able to log both incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, track all contents typed, GPS location, capture screenshots of the phone screen secretly. Besides, it also can record SMS, websites visited, chats of Skype, Viber, Kik, Line, Facebook, Hangouts and more. As the best parental control app, it enables all parents to check all logs remotely via Email, FTP, or online server.

In today’s world, some say that social networking is the best way to keep in touch. To some extent, it is true because there are hundreds of social networks existing on the Internet and many of them has become a very popular and essential part in people’s life. The most popular one – Facebook – has 1.06 billion monthly active users – like a country! People almost share everything they can in social networks, however, is it really good or safe to do like that? If you are a parent, you may want to figure out what your kids often post in their social networks and also think how to spy chat messages they sent or received on their Facebook Messengers.

Sure, with a reliable Facebook spy app, your work will be much easier, why? If you can install a safe and reliable Facebook spy software on your kids’ mobile phone physically, what you need to do is to spend several minutes online and check the both-sides Facebook messages. One of the most reliable and powerful Facebook spy app is iKeyMonitor spy app, which can be used to track the incoming and outgoing instant messages on Facebook messenger as well as the date and time of the sent and received messages.

The software works automatically as the phones start up, so you don’t need to get access to the target phone any more after the installation. With the help of the app, you can easily get the copy of all Facebook messages sent and received!

Today, more than ever network administrators and employers have to take on the added task of monitoring what employees are doing online and discover employee usage at workplace. Even if your company permits employees to use internet and provides them with computers, it is important to know how to see what your employees are doing online and what they’re saying in private IM messages and emails. This is because employees are the sole of a company. Hence, they are exposed to several company secrets. Any kind of information leakage could lead to monetary loss, civil lawsuits and damage to company reputation.

Using EaseMon for monitoring employee’s internet usage with software and what they’re doing online provides lots of business benefits. If you are an employer, just have a try.

Which mobile application can I use to spy on my kid’s cellphone? Does anyone have some suggestions for me? I need to know what he is doing while he is away from me. He is using an Android phone if that helps.

I recommend you to use iKeyMonitor for Android. This wonderful app can secretly monitor your kid’s mobile phone settings, spy his text messages, record call details, photos, and social media activities and so on. This application is really very helpful for parents. They can install it to their children’s smart phones and then can spy on their mobile phones secretly.

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How can I secretly spy on my family computer? I am just afraid my teenage children might abuse it.

Just download Micro Keylogger. The software acts as a hidden screen capturer. It takes a screenshot of the computer device the user has logged on to every 60 seconds, therefore providing with the report at regular intervals. You just need to click on the report and will get a view of the user’s activities. You are not required to read the reports on the target device. You can view them at a remote place. Also it is capable of recording the chat session and you can get the look of the keystroke of the session.