How to Spy on Someones Computer

Do you want to spy on someone’s computer? Now with some spy software installed, you can easily spy on someone’s computer without being noticed. Before you get started to spy on someone’s computer you must first acknowledge and agree to the fact that it is legal for you to spy on that computer.

There are two efficient ways that can be used to spy on the computer

Spy on a computer Remotely

Remote Spy is spy program which can be installed with a one-click install package by sending to the target computer via email or a web page. Micro spy software is recommended for remote spy.

Spy on a computer with physical access

Local Spy is spy program which can only be installed when you have physical access to the target computer such as your home computer. Micor Keylogger is recommended for local spy.

How to Remotely Spy on someone’s computer?

Get EaseMon for Mac OS X

Micro Spy Software is the FIRST remotely install-able monitoring software which can be configured to be silently installed without any notice and run in totally stealth mode.

Create customized agent program.

Micro Spy Software comes with a configuration program that allows you to create a remote install module to be sent to the remote PC you wish to monitor. You can choose to disable the “alert user” option so that the install will be silent without any alert.

Mask the agent to Word document and send it to target.

You can drag and drop the Micro Spy Software module into a Microsoft Word document. From there you can email this doc file with the embedded executable to the remote user. If the user opens the document, and double click the executable file, then Micro Spy Software will be installed.

Log into the User Control Panel

You can also change the settings of Micro Spy Software or remove it there. The control panel also allows you to view the live screen of the targeted computers, which is brilliant for real-time monitoring.

Key features of Micro Spy Software:

Controlling Features:

  • Live Screen Viewing
  • Live Keystroke View
  • Control PC Remotely
  • View Logs Remotely
  • Remote Uninstall
  • Time Limitation
  • App Blocking
  • Website Filtering
  • Chat IM Blocking
  • Social Networks Filter

Recording Features:

  • Visited Websites
  • Log Keystrokes
  • Log Chat Messages
  • Facebook&Myspace Logs
  • Clipboard Logs
  • Log PC Use Activity
  • Profanity Keywords Alert
  • Track IP Address
  • Log Apps Executed
  • Capture Screenshots

How to Spy on Someone’s computer with physical access

If you have physical access to the computer you want to install spy on, you can install Micro Keylogger local spy software, which is more secure as it sends logs to you by email/ftp instead of uploading logs to a web server.

Download and Install Micro Keylogger.

Configure Micro Keylogger.

Open Micro Keylogger with hotkey “Shift+Alt+M” then you can configure the keylogger to send the logs to you by Email or FTP.

Main features of Micro Keylogger:

Controlling Features:

  • Run in stealth mode
  • Start Automatically
  • Customizable Hot Key
  • Password Protection
  • Block sites by URL/keyword
  • Filter apps by process name
  • Sending logs by email/FTP

Recording Features:

  • Typed Passwords
  • Typed Keystrokes
  • Visited Websites
  • Used Applications
  • Downloaded Files
  • Typed IM Chats
  • Captured screenshots

Benefits to spy on someone’s computer?

Know who touched your computer when you are away.

Usually there is a lot of important information and private documents that you don’t want others to view. It is more necessary to spy on your computer when you are away, so you can figure out if your computer is touched by anyone.

Know what your kids do on the internet and keep them from bad stuffs.

Considering the dangers online, parental control seems more important than ever before.Therefore spying on kids’ computer helps you know what your kids actually do online and protect them from bad stuffs and dangers.

Prevent company secrets from leaking.

There is no doubt that spying on the employees’ activity on the computers is very important for every company. In this way, you cannot only know what your employees do on the computer but also know if someone reveal the computer secrets.

Catch a cheating spouse online.

You would rather take actions to spy on your spouse’s computer than always suspect and think too much about him/her. It is the best the fastest way to help you find out all the truth about what your spouse do on the computer.


  1. Almir

    I ja bi volio da znam sta moja djevojka radi dok je na netu online i sa kim se dopisuje , a mozelo ona znat dali ja nju gledam ??

  2. Jason

    will this work on a Ipad, I want to see what my wife is doing on her ipad and can i install this with out the ipad in my hands

  3. Mark

    someone tried putting this on my computer i found out by going to the history and saw it there. Than i saw someone downloaded it on my computer. This is my own laptop for school use only. If they are spying on me how can i disable it. I think it was a friend because i saw all this right after he got off my laptop

  4. spy cell phone

    I want to spy my girls friend.I couldn’t understand.Could you give more information.

  5. BackSpace

    Hi, i would like to install it on someone’s computer, but he refuses to let me touch it…is there a way to install it without touching HIS computer?…like through email or something else? thanks (it would really help)

  6. Jeff

    My girl is fooling around and I think its my best friend :-\ When I buy this and email it to her, will she actually have to click run for it to work or will it install just like clicking on attached pics and thats it?? Please help

  7. concerned

    How can i tell if I am being spied on.. is there a way to know if someone has remotely or has placed files on my laptop to remote spy one me. what to look for file types where are they usually type?
    I think i am being spied upon..
    thank you for any help you can give me…

  8. nelson akinola

    i tried sending the realtime spy thru yahoomail and gmail, the message i saw was that yahoo or google can not send this kind of file because of security reason. kindly let me know what i will do to be able to attach and send this file. or let me know a mailer that i can use

  9. Chad

    Can I send this “email” to a MAC OS and it will load the same way?

  10. Dave

    Also…… after I get the info I need, how can I uninstall the software so as to leave absolutely NO trace?


  11. Dave

    Can I download the software onto MY laptop and then install it on HER laptop?

    also, the trial version expired on my laptop, but every time I reboot my computer a window appears asking for a serial number. This has me worried that any window might pop up on her laptop whenever she reboots, rendering me BUSTED!!

    What say you?

  12. Stacey

    If I can send this to someone and they can download it without knowing and then I can spy on them would that work if they forward it to someone else also. Could I see the person they forward it to?

  13. Calvin Tan

    how to spy my gf’s pc? she always chat with guys online, MSN. and I would like to know what they are talking about. I cant access to her computer as she refused to let me use

    1. How to Spy

      You can install spy software on her computer when she is in the bathroom. Only 5 minutes are enough.

  14. lars Sørensen

    We have a problem in our Firm whit some off our employees.
    What we need it a program that can .:
    Get a full overview where and what our employees are using the Pc for
    And most importen. Can I with the programs see online the employees pc.
    Best regards
    Sales Manger
    ————-Hi, yes, you can use the software to spy on the PC. It can take screenshots which will show you how they use the pC

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