Aobo Mac Keylogger Performs Nicely on Mac Monitoring

A lot of Mac users rely on Logs feature of Mac built-in Parental Controls to monitor user activities. But it is just not enough. Mac Parental Controls focuses on controlling instead of monitoring. More Mac users are tech savvy and Mac built-in Parental Controls can be easily bypassed. We suggest you use professional third-party monitoring tools like Aobo Mac Keylogger. Difference from Mac Parental Controls and Aobo Mac Keylogger lays on the following aspects.

Aobo Mac Keylogger logs more than Mac Parental Controls does

Mac Parental Controls logs only websites visited, programs used and iChats. However, Aobo Mac Keylogger not only logs websites, programs and iChats, but also records keystrokes, desktop screenshots and detailed chat conversations from iChats, Skype, AIM, MSN and Adium.

Aobo Mac Keylogger works with ALL users including admin accounts

Mac Parental Controls can only be enabled on non-administrative accounts but Aobo Mac Keylogger logs all the user accounts on your Mac. When your kids have personal Mac with admin privilege, Aobo Mac Keylogger will do better since Mac Parental Controls can be easily disabled.

Aobo Mac Keylogger supports remote log viewing by emails or FTP

Parents may have little chance to access kids’ computers. Aobo Mac Keylogger deliveries timely log reports to a preset email box so that parents can read logs anytime at any device that you can receive emails. FTP is also available for advanced Mac users.

Of course, Mac Parental Controls has its advantages compared to third-party parental monitoring tools. It has excellent blocking and limiting features that Mac Keyloggers don’t involves.

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