Monitors Children with Mac Keylogger

A كلوغر لجنة الهدنة العسكرية is an application on Mac OS X that records every keystroke and more. Many Mac Keyloggers log keystrokes typed and websites visited and some even capture screenshots. These features enable you tolook over the shoulderof the children using the Mac and know every activity performed by them. A كلوغر ل Mac يمكن, for example, help you to monitor your children on Mac in all aspects, including what they are talking about, who they are chatting with and which websites they are looking at.

Parents might be very happy that Mac OS X provides built-in المراقبة الأبوية options, ومع ذلك, the parental control features built into your Mac are not enough by themselves. Computer savvy children can easily sense the parental control and they often find a way to circumvent the restrictions. Many parents have learned the hard way after not taking the appropriate actions since they know nothing about the bypassed المراقبة الأبوية on children’s user accounts.

So what a كلوغر لجنة الهدنة العسكرية can do for you in this case? Different from built-in parental control that limits access to Internet, a Mac Keylogger focuses its jobs on monitoring in stealthy way. Children’s online activities will become perceivable by parents with an undetectable كلوغر لجنة الهدنة العسكرية that record keystrokes, مواقع ويب, chats and screenshots. If you notice that your children are not behaving themselves, like chatting with suspicious guys, talking about drugs, visiting porn websites or playing violent games for a long time, you can admonish them and take steps to stop them doing that.

You don’t have to be a computer genius to install a Mac Keylogger. As long as you are the administrator and have access to the Mac, you are able to easily install كيلوغغر ماك Aobo onto all of the user accounts on the Mac. After installation, it will stay invisible and start monitoring. After parents configure the كلوغر لجنة الهدنة العسكرية to send logs reports, the Mac Keylogger will send the activity data gathered to parentsemail box automatically, silently and periodically.

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