Как да конфигурирате Keylogger на друг потребителски акаунт

Aobo Mac Keylogger може да работи на мулти-потребителски акаунти на Мак компютър, дори ако това, което сте закупили е лична лиценз. Да направи Aobo Mac Keylogger наставник друг потребителски акаунт на клавиши, уеб сайтове и десктоп, Моля, вижте следните стъпки.

Актуализации: Този как-TOS е само за потребители, които използват Aobo Keylogger 3.4 or before. Aobo Mac Keylogger 3.8 and above have built-in option for multiple user accounts.


  1. Login to the user account you want to monitor.
  2. Download the keylogger and copy the keylogger “.appfile to a secret folder such as~/Library/Preferences”.
  3. Double click the keylogger “.appfile to run Aobo Mac Keylogger on the user account.
  4. Use hotkey to call out the Aobo Mac Keylogger interface and configure it.


  • For Professional edition users
    If you want to record all the userskeystrokes only and physically check the keystroke logs on the main account, you can just install it on the main Administrator account and it will capture all users’ клавиши. There is no need to follow the steps above to install Aobo Mac keylogger on other user accounts.
    If you want to record all the keystrokes, уеб сайтове, and screenshots, please follow the steps above to install it for all user accounts.
  • Please checkRun keylogger every time your Mac startswhen you set up Aobo Mac Keylogger.

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  1. Rubee

    Thanks for your reminding, I don’t know how to make it work like that untill today!
    I loved your mac keylogger before but now I love it much more.

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