Как да пазят децата безопасно онлайн – Наблюдение и филтриране

Децата безопасно в интернет? В една дума: Не!

Интернет е основна част от ежедневния живот на повечето хора. Вие и вашите деца могат да направят почти нищо в интернет: Гледайте филми, играете игри, направи приятели и да споделят идеи – нищо! If they are using a connected computer, their freedom may go a bit too far.

The nature of the Internet is being so anonymous. It is easy for people to misbehave themselves or trick others. Adults often lay crimes to kids who always have strong curiosity. These threats like cyber-bullying are even greater if a kid is engaged in instant messengers, chat rooms, or social networking sites.

How Can You Protect Them?

There are at least two things you need to do to keep you kids away from what you don’t wish to be accessed by them: monitoring and filtering.


Be aware of what your child is doing on the computer, including what they are talking about, who they are talking to and which websites they are visiting.

Parental monitoring tools like Micro PC Keylogger and Aobo Keylogger за Mac keep records of typed keystrokes, chat conversations and visited sites and then send copies of the logged data to parent’s Email box.


It is vital for parents to filter out sexual, violent and other inappropriate content, including websites and applications. Here you can choose "blocking and filtering" софтуер.

Filtering software like Aobo интернет филтър за Mac and Aobo Web Blocker for Windows is the choice. These filtering tools are integrated with porn-filtering engine and let parents decide what categories to block.

Не родителски контрол tool is 100% foolproof. To help ensure kidsInternet safety, parents also need to know how to educate their children about staying safe online and manage their kidsInternet experiences.

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