Blocking Google Play/App Store from Inappropriate Downloads

What’s the best way to block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads? Download iKeyMonitor app for Android. Sometimes, children or older people like us tend to click on random Internet links, advertisements, and applications by accident. We might not be aware that these sites may contain pornography, account phishing malwares, and others. In this situation, safety measures have to be done, such as blocking inappropriate website from your Android phone.

Why Block Google Play/Android Market from Inappropriate Downloads?

There are several reasons why you should block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads.

The Danger of Accidentally Clicking on Ads

Advertisements are keeping websites alive, but sometimes these ads are causing more harm than good. Some ads lead to websites that are sexually explicit in nature, which are not advisable to be seen especially by children. Others redirect to phishing websites. This random clicking may lead to the download of inappropriate web content and applications. In this scenario, restrictions are needed.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is an internet term which is used to describe fraudulent websites that pretend to be reputable people who collect personal information. It is derived from the verb “fishing”, since it aims to lure victims into giving up important data. These sites make use of malwares to access personal accounts such as bank accounts, credit cards, and others. Your identity is vulnerable to these types of sites.

With these problematic things in mind, what can you do to block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads? For this matter, iKeyMonitor is the perfect tool for you.

What Is iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor is a monitoring application that can check on an Android phone’s recent activities. It updates you on the apps and sites the user has accessed, and sends you the monitoring information by email or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). What’s more, it can also block inappropriate websites and apps, and limit the usage of apps and games on Android device.

How does iKeyMonitor Block Google Play/Android Market from Inappropriate Downloads?

The various features of iKeyMonitor altogether block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloads. iKeyMonitor logs social media activities from Facebook, Skype, Kik, Viber, and more. It also checks on the URLs of the websites that the user has visited. Furthermore, it monitors all activities in an invisible mode, which is beneficial since it is not openly intrusive in nature. You can secretly check your child or employee’s log to see whether they are at risk of opening potentially harmful websites. It also logs entered e-mail content to make sure that malicious sites are prevented.

After knowing what children or employees have visited, parents or employers can block the URL of inappropriate websites so that the users cannot access these websites any more. With iKeyMonitor, parents or employers can also block or limit the usage of apps or games on Android device which have taken up too much time of children or employees. Besides, Google Play and Android Market can also be blocked so that the users cannot download any apps without the permission of parents or employers.

Using iKeyMonitor is a must-have for any parent who wants to protect their child from online dangers. It is also a great tool for employers who want their personnel to work without distractions.

The application features are useful in efficiently block Google Play/Android Market from inappropriate downloadsaltogether. If you are hesitant to immediately purchase the app, there is a free trial version available for three days. With this, you can try the apps for yourself and see whether you like its performance or not. In this way, you are not risking your money.

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