Aobo filtr pro Mac – Parental Control Tool

Aobo filtr pro Mac

Subsequent to the success of Aobo Mac Keylogger and Aobo Porn Filter for PC, Aobo Software will launch another powerful parental control tool for Mac OS X users – Aobo filtr pro Mac.

Aobo Filter for Mac OS X is a parental blocking program for Mac that focuses on blocking unwanted websites and applications. It fully supports Mac OS 10.5.X, 10.6.X, 10.7.X, 10.8.x and later.

Filtrování funkce Aobo filtr pro Mac OS X:

  • Internet filtr pro Mac modul blokuje určité webové stránky v seznamu černé
  • Povolit pouze určité webové stránky v Bílém seznamu
  • Blokovat nechtěné aplikace, hry od spuštění
Monitorování funkce Aobo filtr pro Mac OS X:
  • Record website visited in Safari/Firefox/Chrome
  • Record website visited in Private Browsing mode
Running Features of Aobo Filter for Mac OS X:
  • Automatically run when the Mac starts
  • Stealth Mode: Undetectable running in the background
  • Filtering for multiple users on the Mac
  • Chráněno heslem
  • Customizable shortcut key
Compatibility of Aobo Filter for Mac OS X:
  • Supports Mac 10.5.X, 10.6.X, 10.7.X, 10.8.x and later
  • Universal builds (for Intel PC)
  • Supports MacBook/iMac

Aobo Filter for Mac builds a wall for your Mac computers, which helps you to monitor and block unwanted websites. Pokud jste rodič, a teacher or an employer, you may be in need of this Web Filter for Mac.

Download Keylogger
Aobo filtr pro Mac
Mac OS X
10.5.X, 10.6.X, 10.7.X,10.8.x and later
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