Jak funguje automaticky Aobo Mac Keylogger odstranit protokoly

Jednou z vlastností Aobo Mac Keylogger je, že můžete nastavit automaticky odstranit protokoly po několika dnech. Zde přinášíme Úvod do detailů, jak to vlastně funguje, což pomůže uživatelům pochopit, jak udělat Aobo Mac Keylogger pracovat lépe.

  • Funkce Automatické odstranění, designed for users who have little future opportunity to access the target Mac, aims at reducing the size of log emails and making sure the log emails are sent successfully.
  • The function of auto-delete will recalculate the auto-delete time when you click “Hide and Go”. That is to say, if you bring up the keylogger interface and then hide and go it, the keylogger will postpone the time of its auto-delete.
  • The logs will not be automatically deleted if no one logs in the user account. Because Mac Keylogger will not work when you log out the account.
  • Only if the keylogger sends out a log email according to the email interval, it will delete the logs automatically. It does so to guarantee that you will not miss any log details.


  • If you are able to access the keylogger interface now and again, please delete logs manually.
  • If you are a user who has no access to the keylogger for a long time, please check “Automatically Delete Logs”.
  • If you need to send screenshots by emails, please set a shorter auto-delete interval such as 2 dny.

Any other auto-delete problem, please contact the Aobo Mac Keylogger ticket support or live support on http://aobo.cc/support

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