Ateb monitro gweithwyr gorau

Monitro gweithgaredd gweithiwr EaseMon yw popeth-mewn-un ateb monitro cyflogeion for real-time network computer monitoring, monitro gweithgarwch cyflogeion, content filtering and employees’ work time tracking.

  • Record emails, negeseuon gwib, trawiadau, clipboard, print jobs
  • Monitor downloads, searches, FTP file transfer, gwefannau, ceisiadau
  • Cymryd gweithgaredd bwrdd gwaith bwrdd gwaith sgrinluniau a barn mewn amser real
  • Wedi'i ganoli rhwydwaith monitro a Hidlo cynnwys
  • Monitro file copy, dileu, rename actions
  • Monitro USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD defnydd
  • Dirgel a monitro anweledig a gwyliadwriaeth

EaseMonEmployee gweithgarwch monitro Mae wedi ennill gwobrau Meddalwedd monitro cyflogeion. It records and logs everything your employees do including keystrokes typed, gwefan ymweliadau, instant messenger chats, ceisiadau, downloads, file activities, emails, sgrinluniau a mwy. This Employee Monitoring Software also helps control employees’ computer use remotely in an invisible, stealth mode.

EaseMonEmployee Activity Monitor gives you one-click access to viewing everyone on your entire network in realtime – from one central location. You may find it is definitely the best Meddalwedd monitro cyflogeion when compared with other similar employee monitoring software.

Gwyliadwriaeth rhwydwaith canoledig amser real

With a single click you can view the desktops of every workstation on your network, in realtime. You can also use the employee monitoring software to take screenshots of employee computer desktop as an evidence he/she was abusing business work time.

Dirgel a gwyliadwriaeth anweledig

The employee monitoring software can operate in total stealth – defeating the popular spyware detection tools. These abilities mean you will not have to worry about your employees discovering you are monitoring them – and even if you inform them they will still not be able to tell how. Logs can even be stored in an encrypted format, so they can only be viewed with our software.

Logio weithgarwch cynhwysfawr ac adrodd

EaseMonEmployee Activity Monitor can log keystrokes typed, application and website usage, detailed file system usage, incoming and outgoing chats and emails, desktop screenshots, FTP file uploaded and downloaded, Printer jobs, software installations, internet connections, a llawer mwy.

Galluoedd gweinyddu pwerus o bell

EaseMonemployee monitoring software has built in remote administration features that allow you to remotely control remote workstations. It allows for remote workstation security auditing, remote application and windows management, file system browsing, file transfer, sending message to the client, remote system lockdowns, remote system restart/turn off/log off, remote screensave enable/disable, and more!

Hidlo cynnwys parod

EaseMonemployee monitoring software not only acts as a powerful network monitoring software solution, but also as a content filtering tool. EaseMonEmployee Activity Monitor can filter websites from being visited by your employees, applications from being ran by the worker, and even chat messengers from being used. EaseMonEmployee Activity Monitor can then email you when specific alerts have been triggered by your employees.

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