Family Keylogger for Mac for Kids and Spouse Monitoring

The keylogger for Mac used in family is mainly as parental control or spouse monitoring tool.

If you want to know what your child or your wife/husband was doing on your own computer while you’re not at home (or at the office), use Aobo Mac Keylogger on your family computer. Set options for the program to start in Hidden mode, so that it makes itself invisible to anyone. When you return home, you can just press a particular key to unhide it and check the logs. You can also set it to send logs by email and view logs anywhere anytime when you have internet access. You can check logs on your iPhone, iPad, Google mobile phone or blackberry, any mobile device with email access.

Aobo Key Logger for Mac lets you capture screenshots in a interval on your computer while you were away. It lets you read the e-mails sent, see the Web sites visited, and capture the passwords used on your mac. In other words, you get the detailed information on keys pressed and the websites visited, in while Key Logger was running.

Get the keylogger now for your family safe, it’s worth!

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  1. Monsoon

    Thanks to your mac keylogger for helping me know more about my kids.

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