Get to Know about AceSpy Mac Keylogger

AceSpy Mac Keylogger means employee monitoring software used for monitoring employees’ Mac activities. Generally almost all employers will have the responsibility and right to know what their employees are doing on Mac during working hours though employers cannot check Mac activities without employees’ permission in advance. But even employers can access employees’ Mac, they are too busy to check employees’ Mac activity one by one in person. In such cases, employers may need some employee monitoring software such as AceSpy Mac Keylogger to help employers spy on Employee’s Mac activities.

How does AceSpy Mac Keylogger Work?

AceSpy Mac Keylogger will give employers the ability to monitor everything that the target Mac user is doing in his or her Mac in the workplace. Today you can see plenty of spying software in the market, but you cannot expect the excellent features from all those software. Some of them will give you the satisfaction in features whereas some of them will disappoint you. Now, you may want to know the features that are present in AceSpy Mac Keylogger.

AceSpy Mac Keylogger has many features which employers expect for monitoring Mac. Actually employers would like to see the messages, email, and chat conversation on the instant messaging applications on Mac. For those aspects AceSpy Mac Keylogger will be the perfect choice because it has the features to monitor all those things and hence it can give you the complete log of those things. Moreover the software has the ability to keep an eye on the browsing activities of the Mac user. It can record all the Internet activities of the person therefore the user of this software will never miss anything.

The software will be working in the hidden mode therefore the targeted person will not know about the installation of this software. The monitoring logs will be sent to the online control panel of the user, therefore he or she can sign in to the online account and access the control panel to look at the logs sent by the spy software. Since the software gives user the ability to monitor every smartphone activities, most of the people prefer this software rather than others.

Key Features of Easemon Employee Monitoring Software

If you are running a company and are searching for a suitable AceSpy Mac Keylogger to increase employee productivity, then you can refer to Easemon employee monitoring software. Ease can not only spy on employees’ Mac activity, but also block inappropriate apps/games/websites by analysing monitoring logs. Here are the key features of Easemon.

  • Log Keystrokes and passwords
  • Record text messages typed in chat clients
  • Monitor websites visited
  • Monitor application usage
  • Alert with screenshots captured
  • Send out notification emails periodically
  • View and export monitoring logs online
  • Allow multiple managers and roles to manage teams
  • Work in invisible and undetectable mode

Thanks to AceSpy Mac Keylogger, you can find it’s easy to spy on employees’ Mac activities. Try the most professional employee monitoring, EaseMon employee monitoring software, you will find a lot of surprises!