How to Spy on SMS or Other Chat Messages on iPhone

Is there any spy software that can monitor iMessages on my daughter’s iPhone? Can any one help please? Nowadays more and more people love to communicate with others by sending text messages not your daughter only! It seems that people don’t like to chat with people face to face, is […]

Log Online Chats with Chat Monitoring Software for Mac

Hundreds of thousands of children, employees, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives are taking part in instant messaging no matter where and when, whether they should or not. A lot of harm and loss has been arising due to the lack of effective supervision of Chat Monitoring Software for Mac. […]

Net Nanny’s Chat Monitor

Chat Monitor is monitoring, filtering, and blocking software for chat and instant messaging programs. Chat Monitor is designed for the responsible adult who is concerned about child safety in chat rooms and instant messaging. The software records conversations, notifies you with real-time email alerts of possible dangerous situations and lets […]