A Keylogger That Starts Logging When the Computer Boots

I’m currently looking for a keylogger. I need it to record what is taking place on my computer while I am away. Does anyone by any chance know of a keylogger that starts logging as soon as the computer boots? Just make a search on Google, and you will get […]

Who Needs A Keylogger For Windows 7?

Parents who are worried about the Internet activities of their kids but can’t directly ask their kids what they are actually doing. Children tend to fall prey to illicit activities unknowingly and there are too many hackers on the Internet who are looking for soft victims. When you install a […]

Which Is the Best Keylogger to Use for Windows 7?

Which is the best keylogger that I can use for Windows 7 ओएस? There are a mass of so called Windows 7 keyloggers scattered over the Internet today and some of them are even advertised as the best keylogger for Windows 7. तथापि, the majority of them actually don’t work […]

How to Know What Your Employees Are Doing on Their Desktops?

Is there anyway to know what my employees are doing on their desktops? If you are noticing a sudden fall in your employees’ उत्पादकता, we recommend you to use invisible computer spy software like Micro Keylogger to know what are your employeesonline activities and detect if they are posing […]

Employee Spy Software

Many business owners opt for employee spy software to keep track of their employeesworking activities and ensure their companies’ उत्पादकता. This is understandable because the non-performance of staff will have negative effects on the company. तथापि, for most of employers, there is still a headache for them before deploying […]