How to Keep A Healthy Internet with Aobo Web Blocker

As we all know, the Internet is playing a significant role in many changes that are happening in our daily life, no matter it’s good or bad. However, everyone should make clear that the problem is not the technology but it is in how we use it. Aobo Web Blocker can provide you with a healthy Internet environment. So let us see how Aobo Web Blocker creates a healthier Internet:

  • Block Unwanted Web Sites
    Aobo Web Blocker is the best blocker that can help you block porn web sites automatically. Parents can use it easily to block the porn websites from their children’s computer. Besides, you can also block any web sites that you don’t want to visit. You just need to put the URLs or set the keywords like violence, blooding, sexual in the blocker software, it will help you block the websites automatically including these keywords you set. Even though they use a web proxy, they also should not enter it.
  • Block Unwanted Applications Or Games
    Aobo Web Blocker will not only help you block the unwanted websites, but also can help you block any applications or games. Nowadays, the computer games are more and more popular for us, especially for teenagers, they are used to play the computer games every day without listening to their parents. After installing the blocker, it will block any applications or games that you don’t want your children to play.
  • Run In Stealth Mode
    Aobo Web Blocker runs in stealth mode, which is one of the most important functions that the best blocker should provide. Aobo Web Blocker runs invisibly that you don’t need to worry that your children or somebody else may find that they are monitored and controlled. You can monitor them and filter the Internet content secretly to keep them safe online.
  • Password Protection
    The best Internet blocker must have a password protection, which means that nobody can cancel the blocked websites or applications without the password. And the password can be set by yourself, so it is safer and easier for you to keep a healthy Internet.

The Internet should be a healthy part of our life, and I believe it can be by using the best web blocker. You can have a try by downloading a free trial. But you also have to help your family to know how to use the Internet correctly.

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