How to Monitor Text Messages of Your Cheating Husband

When it comes to monitor text messages of your husband, a trust crisis already occurred between you and your husband. You may wonder who your husband is frequently texting and why he is always hiding his texts from you. When you ask who he is texting, he often has an answer that is somewhat reliable. Still you think he is dishonest with you, don’t you?

Why is it necessary to monitor his text messages? What if he just contacts colleagues for work-related issues or consults a female friend on what kind of birthday present you may like? He will be disappointed to find that you have so little faith on him, or in his ability to have his freedoms without you hanging over everything. Unfortunately, what if your husband is just cheating on you? You may feel like an idiot and want to do something to protect yourself.

You want to know the truth in the text messages, but you don’t want your husband to know that you’re suspecting him. What is the most effective way of monitoring his text messages without making him know?

Common Ways of Monitoring Text Messages

There are three most commonly seen ways that many wives use to monitor text messages of their cheating husbands. You can have a look at these methods of spying on text messages and decide whether they are useful or not.

Ask a Friend to Spy on Your Husband’ Phone
Usually it’s not suitable for you to check your husband’s phone just in front of your husband because this will lead to trust issue and even quarrels if nothing serious happens. In this way, you can ask one of your trusted friends to spy on your husband’s phone by pretending that he or she loses the phone and needs to text. But nothing may be found if your husband is too careful to delete all text messages in advance.

Check His Phone While He’s Asleep
When your husband falls asleep at night, you can check his phone quietly and safely to find who and what he has texted. Still it doesn’t work well if he has deleted all the text messages.

Spy on Him in Person
You can choose to spy on him yourself. In this way, you can check where he goes and who he’s meeting with so as to figure out whether he is cheating on you. But you may risk being found by your husband, which is the last thing you want to see!

Monitoring Text Messages with iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software

Since the common ways of monitoring text messages don’t work well, what is the most effective way of spying on your cheating husband? There are some advanced spy apps such as iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software which is especially designed for you. Usually we don’t suggest spying on the husband’s phone with spy apps because these will interfere with the invasion of privacy. If you need to install it on your husband’s phone, you’d better get his permission first.

Without Physical Access to Husband’s Phone
You just need to install iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software on your husband’s phone. After the installation is completed, you can spy on your husband’s phone remotely and secretly without having the phone.

Monitor More than Text Messages
With iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software, you needn’t worry that he has deleted the messages in advance because all the deleted and existing messages on his phone can be sent to you. You can also know more about your husband because what iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software can do for you is more than monitoring text messages!

  • Log SMS Text Messages Sent and Received on Phone
  • Log Call Logs and Surroundings via the Live Control Panel
  • Log the URLs of the Websites Visited
  • Record Social Networking Activity like the Posts, Comments
  • Capture Screenshots of the Phone Screen
  • Log WhatsApp Messages Sent and Received
  • Work in Stealth mode – Undetectable and Invisible
  • Automatically Run at Mobile Phone Starts
  • Password Protected for Enhanced Security
  • Block Apps/Games like Messages/Siri/Camera/App Store
  • Filter Inappropriate Websites like Porn/Phishing
  • Limit Screen Time on Phone

By spying on text messages without having the phone, it will be good if you find that there is no third person between you and your husband. However, if your husband is cheating on you, the information recorded by iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software can be as useful evidence to protect yourself in future.

Instead of asking a friend to spy on your husband’s phone, checking his phone stealthily while he’s asleep, or spying on him in person, now you can monitor your cheating husband’s text messages with the undetectable iKeyMonitor SMS Spy Software, easily and effectively.

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