Kijan pou kontwole l' konpitè anplwaye yo pandan tan biwo?

Undoubtedly, monitoring employee’s computer usage has become a necessity for many managers who are in charge of a department or an office of a large company. These mangers are seeking effective ways to monitor employees’ computer usage during office hours.

Why Monitor Employees’ Computer Usage?

On one hand, some employees in the office might spend too much time on their own business with computer, such as visiting shopping sites, playing games online, chatting with others through chatting tools like Skype, instead of focusing on their work wholeheartedly. Definitely, such actions will decrease employee productivity and increase unnecessary cost for employers.

On the other hand, some employees may even leak the confidential information to company’s competitors, such as trade contracts, product price, technology. Such actions will bring catastrophic disasters to company development. Nan ka konsa, pou monitor employees’ computer usage would enable mangers to prevent crisis and reduce losses in advance!

Porfessional and Cheap Employee Monitoring Software

The two main reasons above push many managers to seek ways to see what workers are doing with their computers. As a result, many companies choose to install advanced monitoring software such as Micro Keylogger on employees’ computers where the users are able to monitor everything conducted on the target computer.

Micro Keylogger is especially suitable for small companies since the price is reasonable and the monitoring effect is good. Micro Keylogger supports installing remotely and silently without notifying the computer users, which can also be switched on/off remotely via online panel. It helps users monitor everything done on the computer such as keystrokes typed, sit entènèt istwa, chat logs typed in social networking sites, files used and searched. Micro Keylogger enables users to monitor employees’ computer usage remotely and secretly.

Key Features of Micro Spy Software:

Have a look at the key features of Micro Keylogger.

Contrôle vizaj:

  • Viv Affichage twal metalik
  • Viv touche View
  • Kontwole PC kontwole
  • Wè Journaux kontwole
  • Désinstaller elwaye
  • Lè limitasyon tache e serye
  • App bloke
  • Filtrage sit entènèt
  • Chat Messagerie bloke
  • Filtre rezo sosyal

Aparans albòm li ki anrejistre:

  • Te vizite sit entènèt
  • Bout bwa Keystrokes
  • Journal koze mesaj
  • Facebook & Myspace Journaux
  • Presse-papiers Journaux
  • Aktivite PC sèvi ak dosye
  • Salte Mots alèt
  • Ti chemen IP adrès
  • Applications bout bwa ki egzekite
  • Kenbe D'

Micro Keylogger can be the best solution for those managers who want to monitor employees’ computer usage so as to increase employee productivity and reduce the crisis of confidential information. If you also have the same trouble, try Micro Keylloger which surely won’t let you down!