Micro PC au – Undetectable Windows Keylogger

Micro PC Keylogger is an undetectable PC keylogger that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. The Key logger runs hidden in the background invisibly to Spy on your PC. This PC Keylogger allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and […]

Hardware Keylogger And Keylogger Software

In short, au, categorized into two main categories: software based keylogger and hardware based keylogger, can silently record every keystroke made on a computer without any notice of the computer user. All keyboard activities can be captured in stealth mode. Keystroke logging is useful for parental control, employee monitoring or […]

Is Keylogger Legal Or Illeagal?

Keystroke logger is software installed into the computer to log or record keystrokes typed, including passwords, sit entènèt ki te vizite, konvèzasyon koze yo, aplikasyon pou itilize, and which even secretly records all the activities that take place on a computer. Definitely, there is privacy issues at stake here, people are wondering whether there are […]