Impostare le restrizioni su iPad con blocker app iKeyMonitor

Hai mai provato a usare un blocker app brillante per impostare le restrizioni su iPad? I bambini amano giocare in alta risoluzione su iPad, amano guardare film e video su questo dispositivo mobile anche. A causa del suo schermo più grande, guardando qualcosa risulta per essere piacevole. Right after the introduction of iPad which is a tablet PC invented by Apple, downloading apps and browsing varying sites have turned out easier for a kid even for the multitasking feature it operates with, help one to download anything from the App Store as effortlessly as possible. This however paves a way for children to download just anything. Tuttavia, there are numbers of applications available in the market which can easily limit access, set restrictions on iPad and allow one to see the device content.

Why set restrictions on iPad?

The phenomenon that there are various kinds of apps flooding on the Internet pushes many people, especially parents, to search for methods to set restrictions on iPad. There are plenty of harmful sites and apps available in the market. They are open for public viewing and downloading. Websites literally do not offer any security measures which are meant to thwart the underage children from accessing them. It is practically impossible to keep constant eye on the children also to have physical access to the devices and protect the child.

iKeyMonitor is the app which is specially meant to guard children from impending troubles that accessing inappropriate web activity brings on. Issues are seen to be arising from small situations when you are able to access the cause. More over with iKeyMonitor, it will be profitable for you if you get to know that the root of the problem. With this wonderful app blocker, one does not have to be worried about those terrible possibilities. This app is one versatile application which can be adapted for multi-functional usage, such as restricting iPad apps. Working with iKeyMonitor is really profitable as it is hard to detect due to its invisible monitor mode. Looking through the phone is easier and the most wonderful fact is, the existence of iKeyMonitor won’t be detected anywhere.

How does iKeyMonitor set restrictions on iPad?

iKeyMonitor set restrictions on iPad by limiting app usage on iPad with different rules. You can block all the unwanted apps completely so that the iPad users won’t access these apps all the time unless the apps are removed from the block list. You can also block the apps and games during specified periods, such as homework time or bedtime. Last but not least, you can set the daily maximum usage time for specific apps, which means that the selected apps will be automatically blocked when the allowed usage time is up.

Varying features of iKeyMonitor iPad app blocker

iKeyMonitor iPad app blocker not only set restrictions on iPad, but also keeps track of web activities so that the device will easily get to know who is using the device and when and for how long. While talking about time span, it is seen that most of the kids spend hours in browsing apps and installing new games and upgrading the existing ones. Quite a few spend time in chatting, and they log in and log out from varying sites. No matter how cleverly they delete the history, you will still get to know about everything.

  • Registra i tasti premuti e le password immesse
  • Log SMS Sent and Received on iPad
  • Tenere traccia delle attività Web
  • Registrare i messaggi di WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/linea/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook
  • Registrare le conversazioni Chat digitato
  • Monitor attività di Networking sociale
  • Inserimento del record contenuto delle Email
  • Catturare screenshot periodicamente
  • Tracciare percorsi GPS cellulare
  • Registrare memo vocali/note/promemoria
  • Registrare gli eventi nel calendario
  • Log All Contacts on iPad
  • Blocco di applicazioni/giochi come messaggi/Siri/macchina fotografica/App Store
  • Filtrare siti Web inappropriati come porno/Phishing
  • Limit Screen Time on iPad

With the wide usage of iPad among teenager users, parents need to take action to make sure that children use iPad safely. iKeyMonitor enables you to set restrictions on iPad so easily that you don’t have to worry about children’s online safety anymore.

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