Schermata Imposta limite di tempo su iPhone: i vantaggi sono incredibili

Oggi è diventato obbligatorio per i genitori di impostare il limite di tempo di schermo su iPhone per controllare il tempo di utilizzo di iPhone per bambini. Quando hai un bambino e lui o lei continua a giocare, diventa spesso difficile da separare il dispositivo mobile dal bambino. But with an app which limits screen time as much as you want, when the set time limit is over the mobile gets automatically locked, the child leaves the mobile easily. Today you can prevent your child from playing games for hours by limiting screen time on iPad or iPhone. When you will be able to set screen time limit on iPhone, you can restrict your iPhone to a specific app for a specific period. Later you can effortlessly unblock the device and permit the child to make use of the device as per your choice.

Schermata Imposta limite di tempo su iPhone

The moment you will be enabling set screen time limit on iPhone and iPad, you don’t have to be worried about anything. All you need to do is restrict the time span and when the span is over, you will find the apps get automatically blocked. Among all apps accessible, iKeyMonitor is one of the best apps around. Installing this app is easier and you can easily operate the app without depending seeking any professional assistance. You will be getting different instructions following which you can wonderfully limit screen time on iPad and iPhone. You don’t have to be in dark as this app wonderfully gets you regular summary of those websites and apps the child have browsed so far.

Right from any browser or phone you can operate iKeyMonitor and set the time limit so that spoiling their study your child won’t be finding chance to play games on your iPhone. This app will be protecting your iPhone from mishandling; the moment you will be setting the time restriction also block the access towards the inappropriate app, your children will certainly be protected from inappropriate sites and apps.

Benefits of setting screen time limit on iPhone

Volta screen time limit on iPhone is activated, you don’t have to remain worried about how long your child is accessing the phone as after certain hours the selected apps on iPhone will get automatically blocked. While making use of time limit apps for iPhone like iKeyMonitor, you will be having all the benefits of knowing what is going on your iPhone, besides when screen time is restricted your child won’t be nagging for phone during the study hours. They will know in their heart that may be after completing their study they would be getting opportunity to play games on the phone. Researchers say that when children remain less cling to mobile their behavior changes, children are tend to enjoy more rest and sleep and they turn to books more ardently.

Basic features of iKeyMonitor

E poi limiting screen time on iPhone, you can also do many other things on iPhone with iKeyMonitor, such as:

  • Registra i tasti premuti e le password immesse
  • Log SMS inviati e ricevuti su iPhone
  • Tenere traccia delle attività Web
  • Registrare i messaggi di WhatsApp/Skype/Viber/linea/Kik/Hangouts/Facebook
  • Registrare le conversazioni Chat digitato
  • Monitor attività di Networking sociale
  • Inserimento del record contenuto delle Email
  • Catturare screenshot periodicamente
  • Tracciare percorsi GPS cellulare
  • Registrare memo vocali/note/promemoria
  • Registrare gli eventi nel calendario
  • Log tutti i contatti su iPhone
  • Blocco di applicazioni/giochi come messaggi/Siri/macchina fotografica/App Store
  • Filtrare siti Web inappropriati come porno/Phishing
  • Tempo limite di schermo su iPhone

With iKeyMonitor spy app for iPhone, it becomes easy for you to spy on all the activities on iPhone, così come set screen time limit on iPhone and iPad. Make use of iKeyMonitor, and you will find unlimited benefits in controlling children’s iPhone/iPad usage.

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