Utilizzare Aobo Keylogger per registrare ciò che si Typed.

Leggendo il titolo, si potrebbe mormorare che tutti sanno Aobo Mac keylogger viene utilizzato per monitorare le attività su Mac, o cos'altro nuovo ha avuto in?

Infatti, non si tratta di qualcosa di nuovo, ma qualcosa che la gente sempre ignorare, che è la base di keylogger – registrazione. Sì, registrazione. Keyloggers can record every keystroke you type into Mac. In realtà, the story goes like this:

One of my friends is a freelancer. She writes light and funny fiction favoured by teenagers and posts to a fiction site. She note down every word and story which moves readers.

But her little son Dante never does a good turn to her work. The aged-7 gentleman loves the Internet very much. To keep an eye on his on-line activities, my friend installed a keylogger software on her Mac. Dante always uses her Mac and inevitablly balls it up every time. And my friend had never considered creating a client account for Dante. It was at first not serious because there was nothing important lost or damaged.

Tuttavia, things changed last time. All her drafts in store were lost after Dante finished his Mac journey! With the approaching of deadline to update the fiction, she became more and more anxiety because she still can not get back the previous sense of words that be able to stir readersheart. She was stuck in writersblock and was about to come to me for grumble.

But, she told me later, she came across the mind that once she read about her story in the log emails from Aobo keylogger. She began to check her emails immediately and gradually picked out all things she typed.

After finishing the fiction, she chatted with me on-line and told me the whole story. With her permission, I share this story to remind all of you that Aobo Mac keylogger can also be used to back up important drafts.

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