Identify Mac Keylogger Scams in the Market

It is no exaggeration to say that we are surrounded by the scams. With the Mac Keylogger market expanding, an army of swindlers are flooded in the newly field. In order to help Mac のキーロガー users protect themselves from being tricked, we will illustrate the most common Mac のキーロガー scams.

1. Trial is available only after registering other products.

Some Mac のキーロガー suppliers will provide the so-called free trial only after you register its partnersproducts, most of which are either useless or expensive. After register, many suppliers break their promise and fail to deliver the free trial. Even though some of them provide trial for users, it will cost a lot of userstime to finish the free trial application.

2. Free trial is different from the purchased version.

For the sake of pushing up sales, many Mac Keylogger sellers will provide a free trial from Aobo Mac Keylogger company instead of their owns. しかし, the keylogger they are selling is totally different from Aobo Mac のキーロガー. You’d better check and compare the screenshots of the keyloggers for selling and the free trial ones to avoid the scams. If you want to get the real version of Aobo Mac Keylogger, please download or purchase it from our official website:

3. Mac Keyloggers that can be installed remotely.

Many Mac users will be misled by the word: keylogger can be installed remotely. They think keylogger for both PC and Mac can be installed remotely. As a matter of fact, keyloggers for PC support remote installation, while Mac Keyloggers are NOT remote installation supportive at present. So suppliers who claim that their Mac Keyloggers are featured with remote installation are all swindlers currently. しかし, some Aobo Mac Keyloggers have the feature of sending log reports, which enables users to read logs remotely. And Aobo devotes itself to developing the remote version keylogger for Mac.

間違いなく, the number of Mac keylogger scams is more than 3 mentioned above. The fraud can be carried out in various ways, so you had better be careful when purchase Mac keylogger online.