Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア – Monitor and Protect Kids

By using Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア, parents can monitor what kids are doing online and protect them from inappropriate information online. Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア make it easy for parents to keep kids safe online.

Parents might think that their children are safe at home and learning something on the Internet. But these days, the Internet is considered to be the most dangerous source for your children. Children are more vulnerable on the Internet than in many real-life scenarios.They talk about forbidden topics, contact with dangerous people or do evil things to others online. In the worst case, they end up being lured away from home by online predators. したがって, it is a duty of every parent to make use of Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア to monitor their children’s online activity closely and guide them to utilize Internet in a better way before they have a chance to get out of control.

What Mac Parental Control Software for Mac can Do

  • Record passwords and keystrokes
    Mac Parental Control Software will capture typed keystrokes, including usernames and passwords so that parents can know exactly what children are doing online.
  • Record and block bad websites
    Mac Parental Control Software records and blocks inappropriate websites to keep your children away from online temptation like porn, violent, gambling or drug contents.
  • Record chat conversations
    Mac Parental Control Software can record chat conversations. In this way parents can take actions if children are being connected to online predators and cyber criminals.
  • Take Mac desktop screenshots
    Mac Parental Control Software will take periodic desktop screenshots. Parents will clearly know what kids are doing by these visual resources.
  • Send reports to parents timely
    Mac Parental Control Software will send log report to parentsEmail address at the interval the parents set. FTP is also available for advanced Mac users.

使用してください。 Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア like Aobo Mac のキーロガー, you can view details of your children online activity by checking typed text, 訪問したウェブサイト, chat logs and desktop screenshots. と Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア like Aobo Internet Filter for Mac gives you the ability to prevent your kids from visiting harmful web sites and chat rooms, using dangerous programs, while still allows your kids to enjoy the educational and entertaining resources that are available on the web and accessible through the computer. To protect your children on the Internet, Mac のペアレンタル コントロール ソフトウェア controls should always be in place in any family computer.