All in One Keylogger for Windows

Micro Keylogger is honored as the all-in-one keylogger with the perfect combination of the keystroke recorder and internet filter, 말은, it does record and block some websites and applications in the meantime, which can achieve the ideal effect at last.


시스템 요구 사항 :
윈도우 XP/비스타/7/8, 32/64비트

  • Capture keystrokes and passwords
  • Take screenshots in a preset internal
  • Record websites visited and app used
  • Block undesirable website and app
  • View results either by email or FTP
  • Work automatically and invisibly
  • Password & hotkey protection

The Usage Scopes of Micro Keylogger

모니터 및 자녀 보호

홈 – Safeguard Family Members
If your kids are too young to make the right choices or spouse is too weak-willed to resist the temptation, they need online protections indeed. Either of this behavior can be settled by the Micro Keylogger, which is also called as all-in-one keylogger with the performance of blocking and recording in a sense.

모니터 및 직원을 제한

CompanySupervise Employees
Enhancing employeesworking productivity is one of the daily tasks. 사실, only when you figure out what the employees are doing during working time can you seek for some effective solutions to stimulate their working efficiency accordingly. Employers can easily monitor employeesbehaviors and take some measurements with the help of Micro Keylogger.

부정 배우자를 잡아 라

IndividualRestrict Yourself
As for many young people, the entertainment news is so attracting that you cannot focus on your jobs anymore. Owing to the fact that you have wasted your precious time, you have gained nothing. 그러나, Micro Keylogger can help you block the time-wasting materials to restrict your behaviors, and at last, make contribution to finish your target.

전문 직원 모니터링 솔루션 맥 OS X 용 필요?
체크 아웃 한 모든 직원 모니터 – Mac 용 Easemon!

마이크로 Keylogger can also be used in education institutions. One of the most headache problems for the teacher who teach the computer science is that they can’t supervise every student by themselves along in real time. Many students prefer to use computers for fun rather than studying, which is a waste of the teaching facilities and their precious time indeed. Through Micro Keylogger, you can acknowledge every student online behaviors clearly and stop their improper behaviors timely, which turn out to be an all-in-one keylogger.

Key Features of Micro Keylogger

  • Record and Filter Websites
    The entire website activities happened on the PC can be recorded clearly, meanwhile, the undesirable websites can be filtered by all-in-one keylogger as well.
  • Log and Block Applications
    You are allowed to know the applications used as well as block the unpleasant applications from running smoothly as long as you have installed the Micro Keylogger.
  • Customizable Password &Hotkey
    In the interface of the Micro Keylogger, you can change your admin password and hotkey based on your preference so that your security can be ensured totally.
  • Check the Results Remotely
    사실, Micro Keylogger is able to send the logs to the email address or FTP space under your command so as to adapt to your necessity.
  • Run synchronously & automatically
    As long as you have installed the Micro Keylogger successfully, it can work automatically and synchronously with the computer instead of interfering any manual operation.

Screenshots of Micro Keylogger

Micro Keylogger Main Window

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