Aobo Mac Keylogger FAQs

FAQs of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger:

1. Q: Can I install Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger on more than one Mac machine?
    A: 예, you can install Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger on your Macs according to the license type you purchased.

2. Q: Will this 맥 Keylogger only work with a mac w/Intel chip or does it operate on normal iMac with Mac Operating System (노트북)?
    A: The software works on both mac w/intel chip and normal iMac with Mac Operating System (노트북)

3. Q: Can the data recorded be sent via email to a pc even though original info is from a an iMac?
    A: 예. The data recorded can be sent to a PC via email, and you can view the logs on your PC even though original info is from an iMac.

4. Q: How to set the Mac Keylogger email SMTP options to receive logs by email?
Gmail에 대 한:
>>>> send to = your gmail email address
>>>> smtp server =
>>>> port = 587
>>>> user name = your gmail email address
>>>> your password
>>>> USE SSL = yes

5. Q: What can I get if I purchase Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger?
    A: 구입 후, 소프트웨어를 얻을, free technical support and updates!

6. Q: Is my order secure?
    A: 예, 물론! We use the world’s famous online Payment system. It is a 100% secure and hacker-safe platform.

7. Q: Trouble running Aobo Mac Keylogger Trial Version? I haven’t been able to run it since the Setting Menu does not pop up after entering the hotkey?
    A: Please make sure the following.
    1. You have rebooted your Mac after installation
    2. Run the keylogger after rebooting again if you didn’t see the settings menu before rebooting.
    3. Use the hotkey (Find it in the Readme file from your downloaded package) to call out the settings menu.

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