Best Content Control Software for Online Safety

요즘, with the increasing development of the Internet, pornography has become easily available for people on the Internet. Many web pages are full of sexual pictures and unhealthy games. It is common that a web page which includes a lot of unhealthy information pops up suddenly when you are surfing the Internet. This porn information does great harm to people’s physical and emotional health, especially for youngsters, who are in the bloom of youth. Now what can you do to deal with this situation? Aobo 포르노 필터 – the best content control software must be your right choice to block all the content that you think it is inappropriate to view.

Content control software, also known as web filtering software, is a piece of software which is well designed for controlling and filtering the unhealthy or inappropriate for people to look at on the Internet. 는 best content control software is the most professional porn filtering software designed and optimized for all PC users. It can be applied to block any unwanted websites by URL or keywords, which means that it will block the websites automatically once you add the URLs or keywords of the web sites to the black list. 따라서, parents can use it to help their kids to block the porn web pages from viewing. Schools also can use it to block the inappropriate and unhealthy content from being seen by students.

또한, the best content control software can not only block the unwanted websites but block the games, applications from running on the computer. So parents also can use it to help kids get rid of game addiction. 게다가, by using the content control software to block the websites, games or applications, you do not need to worry that the users may find that you are monitoring them. The websites, games or applications blocked will show server error, so your kids may think other reasons instead of blocking.

best content control software helps you record all the websites that are visited in IE, 파이어 폭스, Google Chrome, so you can check the recording logs to look at what websites the users often visit, if there are some improper websites that you didn’t notice. By installing the software on your computer, you can quickly find out the problem about the people you care about, and then you can quickly find a solution to protect their online safety.

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