Best Parental Filter Helps You Disable Certain Websites

Are you still searching the software which can help you block certain sites on the Internet? Do you want to block all porn pages from being visited by your children? Now the best parental filter can help you solve this problem. Aobo Filter for Mac is the most practical parental filtering software which allows you to block any certain websites just by adding the keywords or URLs which you don’t think it is proper to visit to the Black List of the software.

As a responsible parent, how could you manage your Internet connection? Is it easy for you to control your Internet connection? Or do you know what websites your kids often visit on the Internet? Maybe you just need to block some certain websites such as the websites which include the porn information and more, how do you manage it? 요즘, you don’t need to worry any more. Mac 용 Aobo 필터 – the best parental filter provides you with the most powerful filtering function, and you can install this parental filter software on your Mac and add some keywords or URLs that you want to the software. It will run and block any websites which include the keywords or URLs you added automatically. 게다가, this filter software for Mac works in an invisible mode, so people will find that there are some server errors about the websites instead of being blocked by the filter software.

For parents, you are able to use the best parental filter to help your kids get rid of the online game addiction. 예를 들어, you can add the keyword "World of Warcraft" to your black list of the software, and then it will block all websites including "World of Warcraft" silently and automatically. And your kids cannot find that you are monitoring them. For web administrator, the parental filter can save you a lot of time to manage and control the Internet connection. 이 방법으로, students can make full use of their time to learn more things on the Internet. Managers also can benefit from the software to manage employeesactivity on the Internet.

또한, the parental filter also records all websites that visited from any browser, so you can check what websites are visited on the Internet and then add whatever you want to the Black List to make your filtering work more efficient.

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