How to Find the Recorded Passwords from Aobo Keylogger Logs

After the Aobo 맥 Keylogger recorded the keystrokes typed on keyboard, how can you find the accurate passwords to enter from the recorded logs? Here we provide you some tips and guidance to distinguish a password.

  • If web browser has saved the account username, Aobo 맥 Keylogger only logs the passwords typed in. But when the account username and password are filled automatically by web browser, the 맥 keylogger can grasp neither of them.
  • According to the type of the target account, you can find the accurate passwords. 예를 들어, if you want to discover the password for an email account, you can find it by searching @, and the strings after the account is probably the password.
  • If you want to find the accurate passwords, please be patient and wait till the user types in password for many times. Then compare the suspect keystrokes and identify the same strings, and it may well be the password.
  • When you make certain of where the password is but still fail to obtain the right one, in this situation, you may need to use command lines to figure out whether Shift/Delete/Alt keystrokes are used. Since some keystrokes share one key (such as 2 and @), looking for a right password will become a little bit difficult. If you have any other problems about command lines, please feel free to 저희에 게 연락.
  • If you use an Azerty Keyboard (Keyboard for French, Spanish, German, 등등입니다.), please contact us for keyboard layout information for keystroke interpreting.

참고: The keystroke logs won’t turn up until you type more than 100 키 입력, which means that the log can not show up immediately when you type keystrokes. Aobo 맥 Keylogger needs some time to update the logs.

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