iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software

iKeyMonitor iPad/아이폰 Keylogger

iKeyMonitor iPad/아이폰 Keylogger is used to monitor the SMS, keystroke, website and screen activities on iPad and iPhone. With this iPhone/iPad Spy Software, parents will know what kids are doing on iPad, employers will know how employees make use of company’s iPhone/iPad, and the owner of an iPhone/iPad will know what have been done by others on his/her iPhone/iPad.

Major Features of iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software

  • Record SMS sent and received
  • Log keystrokes pressed on iPad
  • Record Passwords entered
  • Log websites visited with Safari
  • Take screenshots periodically
  • Deliver logs to Email/FTP
  • Run in complete stealth mode
  • Work by itself as iPad starts

What is iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software for?

iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software can be used on Apple iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. 일단 설치, the iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software will keep track of user activities like entered keys and opened sites in Safari. Periodical snapshots of the iPad/iPhone screen will also be taken by iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software. With iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software you can easily monitor cared ones like your kids, employees or other users who are on your iPad or iPhone.

  1. As iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software itself is entirely undetectable, you will get to know your employee’s working secretly.
  2. You can also keep an eye on your kids for security by checking recorded text messages, 키 입력, websites and screenshots.
  3. Activities on cheating spouse’s iPad/iPhone can also be monitored with stealthy and invisible iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software.

How can I use iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software?

You must keep an important fact in mind that the installation of Aobo iPad Spy Software requires jail-broken iPad/iPhone. You can purchase and download one from Cydia after you jailbreak your iPad/iPhone. After installed on your iPhone/iPad with easy steps, iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software will reside and hide itself in your iOS device and start to work automatically. It offers a secret approach for you, the only one that knows about the iPhone/iPad Spy Software, to set up and configure it.

iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software also provides users with simple solution to remove it. All of the steps of installation, configuration, monitoring and uninstall won’t affect the use of your iPad/iPhone since Aobo iPad Spy Software is a very lightweight application. You can rest your mind with the use of iKeyMonitor iPhone/iPad Spy Software and enjoy the key logging on your iPad/iPhone.

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