Qualify Aobo Macintosh Keylogger for Mac OS X

The Macintosh (also called Mac), is the generic term for all the personal computers from Apple. In existing market, there are several choices of Macintosh Keylogger, but few of them works with both old Mac OS X Tiger and latest Mac OS X Lion.

By years of development, Aobo Macintosh Keylogger has expanded its compatibility from Tiger to Lion. Mac OS X users can make use of Aobo Macintosh Keylogger to spy on iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and so on.

Aobo Macintosh Keylogger is dormant in your Mac OS X after configuration. When users start to type keystrokes, visit websites or chat via instant messengers, Aobo Macintosh Keylogger will silently monitor these activities and store the generated data into log files. Apart from this, Aobo Macintosh Keylogger will capture snapshots of your Macintosh desktop. You can easily figure out what applications have been used by the visual records from Aobo Macintosh Keylogger.

Aobo Macintosh Keylogger secretly sends out stored log files. By setting up the Email or FTP on Aobo Macintosh Keylogger, you can remotely receive or download periodical log reports on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC and other devices.

Aobo Macintosh Keylogger is both home-based and business-based Keylogger for Macintosh. It is normally used to watch kids online or catch cheating spouse. Some of Mac OS X users also take advantage of Aobo Macintosh Keylogger to monitor employee activities.

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