Monitor PC Activity with Spy Software for Windows 8

Young people are easily addicted to surfing the Internet nowadays, so it has become a big problem for every parent to figure out how to keep children safe online. Micro spy software for Windows 8 is a powerful and professional parental control software for all PC users that is usually used to keep track of almost everything your children do on the Internet and control the web visit and application usage.

After installing the spy software for Windows 8 on your PC, it runs automatically to spy on websites visited, programs used, files downloaded, keystrokes and passwords typed, as well as take screenshots of the PC screen invisibly. All these recorded logs are sent to the preset Email address or FTP space so that you can check all your children’s activities remotely.

Besides, parents can take full advantages of the blocking features of this PC spy software – it not only keeps track of all, but also blocks unwanted websites and applications on the target computer. In this way, parents can control what websites children can visit, and what program they can use on the computer, which is an effective way for the parental control.

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