Hoe een Computer op afstand te controleren?

Mijn zoon besteedt te veel tijd en energie op zijn computer, niet willen studeren en niet wil praten met mijn vrouw en mij, dus ik echt wil weten wat hij doet met zijn computer. Maar telkens wanneer mij zijn kamer steken, it seems that he is trying to hide something from me. Is there an easy way for me to monitor my son’s computer remotely without letting him know?

Nowadays it has become more and more difficult for parents to keep track of kidsactivities on the computer because most children are better at operating computers than their parents! But don’t worry, there is an effective way for you to keep track of all activities your son does on his computerinstalling externe computer spion software – Micro Keylogger!

Micro Keylogger, as the best parental control software, not only monitors all keystrokes typed, websites bezocht, application used, gedownloade bestanden, but also controls their activities on the computer such as stopping them from viewing pornography online by adding keywords or URLs of the websites to the filter list, or preventing them from using certain applications on the computer. It is a helpful tool that enables parents to both monitor and control children’s behavior on their computers!

All the recorded information will be sent to the email or FTP space you set in advance, therefore, you can check all things your son does on his computer remotely. Here is a guide about how to use Micro spy software to monitor a computer remotely!

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