Aobo Mac Keylogger v3.8 Released

Aobo Mac Keylogger version 3.8 was released on July 10, 2011 by Aobo Software, the global award-winning provider of spy and access control solutions. The new version Aobo Mac Keylogger has been improved in invisibility and usability.

Aobo Mac Keylogger is a long standing and growing Keylogger for Mac OS X users. It works as a combination of keystroke logger, website recorder, chat log saver and screenshot taker. After installed and set up, Aobo Mac Keylogger will record keystrokes, sites, chats and screenshots and send logs to your Email or upload logs to your FTP space for remote view.

What’s new in Aobo Mac Keylogger v3.8?

  • Improved multi-user support
    • Users can install the keylogger for all the user accounts on one Mac easily with a single click
  • Improved the stealth level
    • Hidden from System PreferencesLogin Items
    • Hidden from Finder and SidebarSearch For
    • Hidden from Spotlight and Finder search results
  • Improved the installation process.
    • 3-step installation
    • Install without assistive device privilege(Professional)
  • Added Mac OS X 10.7 (Leão) support
  • Other minor bugs fixed


  • Mac OS X 10.4.X, 10.5.X, 10.6.X and 10.7.X
    (Tigre, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion)
  • Universal build (for both Intel and Power PC)
  • Supports MacBook/iMac//MacMini/PowerPC

What can you do with Mac OS X Keylogger?

Proteja seus filhos
The Internet can be a dangerous place and children may be exposed to inappropriate content and even become victims of online predators. No entanto, with proper supervision your whole family can enjoy the benefits of the Internet. Now with the Aobo Mac Keylogger you can know everything and protect your children.

Catch cheating spouse
The explosion of tempting Internet dating sites, instant messengers and chat rooms makes it easy for a cheating spouse to engage in a discreet affair behind your back. Why he/she cleans Instant Messenger conversation tracks and website history? Now with Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can catch your cheating spouse easily.

Supervise employees
Are your employee working or playing during the work time? Are they planning to quit the job and go to your rivals? Are they stealing the company secrets and selling to your competitors? Now with Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger, you can know the truth and avoid business secrets leaking.

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About Aobo Software

Aobo Software is the top source for solutions of Parental Control Tools, Spouse and Employee Monitoring Software, including for Windows and Mac. With its growing and developing, Aobo Software has been providing reliable services to individuals and businesses.

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