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CyberPatrol lets you monitor and control how, when and to whom Internet access is allowed, filtered or blocked, as well as choose where they surf online.

It protects against inappropriate or harmful sites, including Spyware and Phishing. It lets you restrict or block chat and instant messaging, file sharing and downloading of music, images and videos as well as protect privacy.

CyberPatrol helps create the safe online environment you want for your users that protects them, you and your PC.

CyberPatrol helps protect against the dangers faced online from harmful web site content, and can safeguard them against inappropriate language in chat sessions as well as protects them from divulging personal information online – e muito mais.

CyberPatrol helps protect against the dangers faced online from harmful web site content, and can safeguard them against inappropriate language in chat sessions as well as protects them from divulging personal information onlineand much more.

How it works

CyberPatrol internet safety software is specifically designed to work on standalone Microsoft Windows based PCs at either the desktop or laptop level. It lets you monitor and control your usersinternet access as well as limit or prevent their access to programs, such as games or other programs located on your PC. Read details about how CyberPatrol works in Features & Benefits .

Who’s using it

Parents, schools, libraries, and businesses worldwide have come to rely upon and trust CyberPatrol as the most effective tool to help protect their users online. Recommended regularly by parent and computer magazines, it’s regarded as easy to use yet technically sophisticated and fully customizable according to their age, needs and interests. CyberPatrol is recognized as the most user-friendly internet safety software in the market today.

What you can expect

Whether you are an inexperienced user seeking an out-of-the-box solution with factory-set filtering, or a power user looking to customize the Internet access of each user, CyberPatrol’s powerful parental internet safety software caters for you. It gives you the choice to manage when, where, how and to whom access is allowed, filtered or blocked, as well as:

  • Monitor internet activity
  • Block harmful sites and images
  • Restrict chat and instant messaging
  • Limit time online and access to programs
  • Control program downloads
  • Protect privacy

Features & Benefits

CyberPatrol’s internet safety software offers you a host of flexible features that helps you manage the level of Internet access that’s appropriate for your users.

NEW Functionality IMPROVED Filtering ENHANCED Features
  • Instant Override
  • User Profile Wizards
  • Preset Filter Strengths
  • Customized Ready-to-go Filtering
  • Web Filter Strengths
  • Web Link Analysis
  • Yes List
  • Criminal Activity & Phishing Category
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Blocking Page Styles
  • Windows User Name Integration
  • Compatibilidade

Monitor Internet Activity!

  • Monitor Internet activity for a quick and accurate picture of surfing habits.
  • Reports clearly show sites visited, time of day and duration.
  • Real-time Activity Monitor for fine-tuning and troubleshooting settings.

Block Harmful Sites & Images!

  • Manage Internet access for any number of users on a PC.
  • Block access unsuitable websites, newsgroups and search engine images
  • Create a ‘walled gardenof sites for very young kids.
  • Discreet filtering with Stealth filtering mode.
  • Ready-to-go filtering or customize settings for each user.

Restrict Chat & Instant Messaging!

  • Block access to chat and instant messaging programs
  • Filter content of any chat sessions

Limit Time Online and Access to Programs!

  • Limit amount of time spent online
  • Restrict access to locally held programs and/or online games
  • Limit time spent on any chat program

Control Program Downloads!

  • Block indiscriminate program downloads and secure PC.
  • Prevent illegal or copyrighted material being downloaded.
  • Stop file transfers to protect from threat of Spyware and viruses in files.

Protect Privacy!

  • Help stop private information being revealed like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Protect from online predators and identity thieves


Web User Gold Award! 3 Times Winner ~ 2003, 2004 & 2005
"CyberPatrol’s main strengths is its flexibilityit’s more effective than ever at filtering content. This seventh version puts it even further ahead of the pack.”
Web User, 21 Julho 2005 – by Rob Irvine

CyberPatrol achieves PCFormat’s Gold Award
"Everything you need to keep your PC filth-free."
PCFormat, Agosto 05 – by Robert Cobbett

"CyberPatrol offers a good range of protection mechanisms that work well without being over protective."
Computer Shopper, Julho 05 – by Sue Gee

Software limits kidsInternet access
"There is one difference that may help you choose one software program over the other: CyberPatrol allows the parent to limit access to any program, not just the Internet. I like CyberPatrol for its extra features."
The Dallas Morning News, 3 Junho de 2005 – Jim Rossman

2 Time Winner of Web User Gold Award! ~ 2003 & 2004 ~
"A fantastic range of filtering features. CyberPatrol ensures that your kids have a happy but safe online experience…[CyberPatrol] successfully stopped us viewing anything disturbing or illegal."
Web User – 25 Novembro de 2004 – Issue 97

"CyberPatrol effectively blocked access to pornographic sites."
Youth TodaySheilding Kids From Web Porn and Violence
by Lisa Fratt – Setembro de 2004, Vol.13 No.8

"CyberPatroldid the best job of weeding out bad sitesNet Nanny failed to block some blatantly inappropriate Web pages, so we can’t recommend it."
Wall Street JournalMore Software Aims To Make Web Safer for Kids
by Walter S Mossberg – Agosto 2004

CyberPatrol’s heritage and comprehensive database make it a very good tool to stop kids or employees from accessing undesirable Web pages.
PC User (Australia) – Content Filters – Setembro de 2004

[CyberPatrol] One of the easiest systems to use and it’s very configurable.
Computer ActiveProtect Your Home PC Guide – Março de 2004

CyberPatrol is recommended by Lee Hudspeth
The program’s user interface is altogether straightforward, efficient, and easy to use.

The Naked PC Newsletter – 16 Dezembro de 2003, Vol. 6 Não. 22

"CyberPatrol protects kids from aspects of the Internet that aren’t appropriate for kids. We found it to be very easy to use and simple in stopping unwanted content from getting on the screen. We tested it with several different scenarios and are happy with the filtering."
iParenting Media Awards – Novembro de 2003

"We liked CyberPatrol’s ChatGard feature, which stops children typing information such as their address."
Computing WhichIssue 303 – 1 Março de 2003

"CyberPatrol 6 delivers a generous assortment of protection and easy customization features for both tech-savvy and tech-naive parents."
PC Magazine – By Jay Munro – 1 Julho 2003

CyberPatrol scoops Webuser magazine’s Gold Award!
"CyberPatrol performed well, blocking everything from the terrorist bible to soft and hardcore sex."

WebuserIssue 66, 18 Setembro de – 1 Outubro 2003

The most family friendly product on the market. CyberPatrol 6 is simple, effective and has a great range of protection.
Computer ActiveIssue 131 – Março de 2003

CyberPatrol 6 consistently places among the top three smut blocking programs in technical journals. Noted features include superb pornography blocking capabilities and ease of use on a shared PC.
The Age – Março de 3, 2003

An effective piece of software that should set many parentsminds at rest
PC Pro – Abril 2003

An ideal application which can help you to protect your children from the darker side of the online world
Windows XP Magazine – Março de 2003

You can’t ignore the maturity and comprehensiveness of CyberPatrolit certainly wins out for me
PC Answers – Fevereiro 2003

CyberPatrol is an undoubtedly useful program
PC How To – Janeiro de 2003

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