Mac Keylogger DownloadAobo Mac OS X Keylogger For Mac

The only Keylogger for Mac OS X that Records Passwords Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Powerful Mac OS X keylogger with email and FTP support!

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger
  • Stealth and undetectable spy Monitoring
  • Gravar teclas digitadas em qualquer aplicação
  • Gravar imagens de desktop em um intervalo predefinido
  • Secretly send the logs to your email or FTP space
  • Password protected of the program
  • Install without Admin password(Standard Edition Only)
  • Record Passwords (Edição profissional only)
Download Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Now! Purchase Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Now!
Plataforma: Mac OS X 10.4.x and above
Tamanho do arquivo: 2 MB Suporte: Vida livre Upgrades:1 year Free Entrega: Download imediato

What can you do with Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger?

Protect and Monitor your kids

Proteja seus filhos:
Young people are curious with everything they see on the Internet including a lot of bad information, violent videos and more, and you don’t even know anything they do online. Now Aobo Mac Keylogger can help you monitor all their activity on the Mac and protect them from online danger.

Monitorar seu cônjuge

Monitorar seu cônjuge:
You may have a feeling that your spouse is cheating on you because he/she often chats with someone you don’t know and empties the chat logs, but you are not sure and you probably want to figure out what happens to him/her. Aobo Mac Keylogger can help you record all things happening on the Mac, including the passwords typed, so there will be no secret about your spouse!

Monitorar seus funcionários

Monitorar seus funcionários:
You may wonder how to monitor your employees on the Internet without alerting them to know you are actually conducting monitoring software on them. Now with Aobo Mac Keylogger, it is possible for you to be an invisible boss. You can monitor all their web surfing situations online and which can help your employees improve their productivity. If they are always wasting company time in working time, it will cut the profit greatly.

Get back a stolen/lost Macbook

Get back a stolen/lost Macbook:
By using Aobo Mac Keylogger, you can get your lost Mac back by tracking its IP address. Hoje em dia, many people like to save some important files on their Macbook such as some private customer information, if you lost these important files , you must be very worrying, now Aobo Mac Keylogger can give you a chance to get your Macbook back!

Need More Professional Employee Monitoring Solution for Mac OS X?
Confira tudo-em-um empregado Monitor – Easemon para Mac!

Mac Keylogger detail features:

Run in Silent, Safe and Simple Mode

  • Monitor and record secretly
  • No show up in the Activity Manager
  • Work as long as the Mac starts
  • Proteção por senha
  • Secret hotkey to pop it up
  • Install and use for all users
  • Easy to install and use

Keystrokes Recording

  • Record every single keystroke typed by all users on the Mac including the time stamps
  • All kinds of Senhas digitadas such as Gmail and Facebook passwords will be logged (Only with Pro edition).

Websites Recording

  • Record all websites visited in Safári, Firefox e Google Chrome
  • Record the exact URLs which you can click to enter the websites directly
  • Record the title and time about the websites, so you can know more about it

IM Chats Recording

  • Record all instant messages/ICQ/Yahoo Message chat conversations typed at your end
  • Record iChat/Skype/MSN/AIM/Adium chat conversations of both sides
  • Record Facebook chat conversations with iChat, OBJETIVO, Adium of both sides

Screenshot Capturing

  • Give you a visible image by capturing a screenshot periodically
  • The screenshot capturing interval can be set by yourself
  • The screenshot size can be compressed by 60%

Location Tracking

  • Track the location of your Mac laptop by IP address, which gives users a chance to get back the lost laptops

Log Delivering

  • All logs and screenshots can be sent secretly and automatically by using email or your FTP


  • Support Mac OS X 10.4.x and above
  • Universal build (for both Intel and Power PC)
  • Support Macbook/iMac/PowerPC/MacMini
Buy Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Os Now!
Buy Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Now!
Safe and Clean Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger!

Screenshots of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger

Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger - General Options
Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger -Chats
Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger -screenshots
Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger - email Options
Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger - ftp Options
More screenshots of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger
Click to enlarge!
Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger - General Options Keylogger de Mac - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger - General Options
Record Website Passwords Record Application Passwords

Log ViewerView Keystrokes Recorded

Log Viewer - View Keystrokes Recorded

Log ViewerView Websites Recorded in Safari

Record Websites visited in Safari

Log ViewerView Screenshots Recorded

Record Screenshots

FAQs of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger:

1. Q: Can I install Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger on more than one Mac machine?
    A: Sim, you can install Aobo keylogger on up to 3 computers if you purchase the Family license.

2. Q: Will this Keylogger de Mac only work with a mac w/Intel chip or does it operate on normal iMac with Mac Operating System (computador portátil)?
    A: The software works on both mac w/intel chip and normal iMac with Mac Operating System (computador portátil).

3. Q: Can the data recorded be sent via email to a pc even though original info is from a an iMac?
    A: Sim. The data recorded can be sent to a PC via email, and you can view the logs on your PC even though original info is from an iMac.

4. Q: How to set the Mac Keylogger email SMTP options to receive logs by email?
    A: Click here for the email configuration samples.

5. Q: What can I get if I purchase Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger?
    A: Após a compra, Você adquire o software, grátis suporte técnico e vida livre atualizações!

6. Q: Meu pedido é seguro?
    A: Sim, É claro! We use Plimus online Payment system. É um 100% segura e hacker-segurança da plataforma.

22 Comentários

  1. Donna

    I am looking for an iPad Keylogger. Will Aobo Mac Keylogger work? And do I need to physically instal or can I remotely? Obrigado!

    Aobo Keylogger doesn’t work with iPad now. You can read information about iPad Keylogger here: iPad Keylogger

  2. Jasmine

    Does this program need to be manually opened each time the computer is shut down?
    Por exemplo, if my daughter is visiting family in another state with her laptop and shuts the computer down, will the program still run once she turns it back on without me there to open it?
    Também, can everything (chat, Email, screen shots, passwords etc.,) be sent to my email remotely?

    Sim. Aobo Keylogger will start working automatically as the user logs in and all the logs will be silently and remotely sent to the email address you specified.

  3. colin

    Hello I am currently suspecting that my wife is up to something and have been on edge for months.
    I am wondering if Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional Edition is the program that can recover passwords?
    And if so is it capable of recording Facebook and Hotmail passwords?
    thanks a lot

    Sim, it records all the passwords typed on the Mac, inclduding the the Facebook and Hotmail passwords. Only the Aobo Keylogger Professional edition records passwords and it requires admin password for installation.

  4. Tyler

    I know that it wont record passwords if they show up as a asterisk. Is that the same if the password shows up as a dot like on Facebook?

    Sim. It is the same. No matter what the typed passwords show as or whether they show, Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional will record them.

  5. Bonofan512

    I want to record my son’s keystrokes but we are both admins on our Mac. Will he detect this software?

    Oi, you son won’t find the keylogger isntalled on his Mac as the keylogger runs in stealth and it is undetectable.

  6. joe

    Can Keylogger for Mac record passwords and web sites also when Firefox browser is used?

    Sim. All the passwords typed in the Mac will be logged and Aobo Mac Keylogger now supports the Firefox website logging.

  7. parental-control

    Parents have been known to use keyloggers to keep tabs on what their children are doing on their computer

  8. Keylogger para Mac

    There absolutely is legitimate use for this app. As a responsible parent of curious teens I am liable for what they do on my network. Some things that kids do on the net could be considered criminal even though the kids might not know it. It’s my job to make sure that my network isn’t being used in ways that I myself could get in trouble for. I think that could absolutely be a useful tool in doing exactly that. In this day when teens are often being arrested and charged as sex offenders for sending explicit pictures to each otherprotect them from themselves. I’ll bet that those parents of arrested teens wish that they had done a little more to prevent it.
    I can see where this could be used for insidious purposes but so can a lot of things.

  9. juxapose

    I want to monitor my spouse who I think is cheating. If I buy this and download it how do I get it onto their computer? Email or by doing the download and purchase directly on their computer? Also do I have to manually set it to send me emails to my Mac or Yahoo account or will it automatically do that?

    You can purchase Aobo Mac Keylogger anywhere and an order email with download link and license key will be sent to you. You can read the email and download it onto the target Mac. After installation, you need to manually configure the email settings. The logs will be automatically sent to the email address you entered then.

  10. bestkeylogger

    This is the best mac keylogger I’ve ever used.
    You may definitely take a free try of this best keylogger.

  11. kevin

    Why does not the Mac version record passwords in Safari? The whole point of purchasing this was to be able to record that data.
    It’s a great program, with great interface and the email notification is wonderful, but the passwords are a necessary piece of data for any keylogger.

    Oi, the new version of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional edition records passwords now.

  12. Eric

    I’ve seen the demo’s at the Mac Keylogger website and I’ve one problem. I’m using Gmail and don’t know how to set the SMTP server/port etc.

    Please use the settings below:
    >>>> send to = your gmail email address
    >>>> smtp server =
    >>>> user name = your gmail email address
    >>>> your password
    >>>> port 587
    >>>> USE SSL = yes

  13. This is an excellent Mac keylogger.
    I bought it and very satisfied with it.

    I just want to say thanks. This is the best keylogger for Mac os x .

  14. admin

    Sim, the Mac keylogger can send the logs to your email box. So you can access all the screenshots and keylogs via the internet no matter where you are.

  15. ma

    My daughter has a MacBook that we would like to install Aobo Mac Keylogger, will it work?
    Can I access all screenshots and key logs via the Internet or do I have to be on her computer?

    Sim, the Mac keylogger can send the logs to your email box. So you can access all the screenshots and key logs via the Internet no matter where you are.

  16. I’m doing some consulting for someone and they would like a program installed on their iMac that can log what their kids are doing on the computer. I’ve installed software like this on the PC before for Windows. The program will monitor everything that is done on the computer and then e-mail it to their parents. Is there anything like this for the Mac. I don’t necessarily agree with monitoring people like this but I guess the customer is always right.
    This software is what I need and I like it very much.

  17. I am wondering if there is any not-expensive MSN chat monitor for Mac computers. I’m looking for one that runs in stealth mode and can email to remote location.

    Oi. Aobo Mac Keylogger records MSN chat conversations on Mac and sends the logs to users by email.

  18. James

    The Mac Keylogger seems to be the very keylogger for mac I’m looking for. I’m looking for a spy software for mac to monitor my kidsMac use. I want to protect my child away from bad guys.

  19. Chodge

    Am I correct in that Aobo Mac Keylogger does not record the password keystrokes if they come up on the screen as an asterisk?
    If this does not, do you know of a program that does this for Mac? Obrigado!

    Oi, Aobo Mac Keylogger Professional reveals passwords showing up as asterisks.

  20. mollys

    In theory, keyloggers can be used for perfectly legitimate purposes.

    One example is if your company requires the manual entry of form data. Neste caso, a keylogger could be used to help measure how effective each individual employee is.

    Another common use of keyloggers is for parents to keep a close eye on their children and their online activities.

    Infelizmente, while there are good uses for keyloggers, their potential is often exploited by criminals and pranksters, who exploit their victims. You need to be responsible with your information and protect yourself by using the techniques described here.

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