Optenet PC Parental Controls – A Web Filter for the Entire Family

Optenet PC Parental Controls – A Web Filter for the Entire Family

Box Product photo Optenet PC is an advanced parental control software. It is a flexible and effective web filter designed to allow you to control Internet access for your entire family on your home PC. With Optenet PC you can block unwanted content from your home computer while permitting unlimited access to legitimate sites and making your family’s Internet experience safe and positive. With the web filter, you can even fine tune the exact type of access needed for each family member and manage the time they spend online. Filter out pornography, violência, drugs and other unwanted web content easily and accurately. Optenet-your web filter for a safe Internet environment
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What does Optenet PC do?
  • Filters the content you choose- select the content categories that you do not want to allow.
  • Control what your children can download:P2P, MP3, EXE, WMV, etc.
  • Define the exact Internet access you want to for each family member—highly restricted for your 9 year old, less restrictive for your 15
    year old and no restrictions for you.
  • Choose specific sites to include or exclude or even add new sites.
  • Manage Internet access by deciding what time each family member can be on the Internet.
  • Only you can access the administration toolsPassword controlled, on/off feature (NO workarounds!)
  • Block adult material, drugs, weapons, hate, gambling, chat and much more.
  • Advanced Optenet PC Features
    Optenet PC is designed for today’s parents that are concerned about the availability of inappropriate content on the World Wide Web. The product is completely intuitive to use and at the same time is filled with all of the features you need to have maximum control. Easily define the exact access you need for each family member:
    Complete Coverage of the entire Internet - not just URL database text 97% accuracy
    Hassle free What you need it to do And more
    Installs in minutes – no previous knowledge required. Define user profiles for each family member. Effectively handles millions of websites using the Semantic Content Analyzer. Highly effective, and accurate while covering more content/sites than other products.
    Automatically updates daily. Filter downloads and protocols: P2P, chat, IM, Email . . . Supports 7 languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Italian.
    All updates free-of-charge. Limit time spent on line for each family member. Remotely enable or disable Internet access.
    24/7 Unblocking Service: filter errors corrected within 15 minutos. Receive email notification at work when someone at home tries to access inappropriate content. No delays in downloading pages from the internet.
    No risk: try it and then buy it. Password protected – only administrator can change settings Additional Home PC security products and features coming soon . . .

  • 486 or later, 64 MB RAM.
  • Operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 (including Professional), Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Internet access via modem (SLIP/PPP), ISDN, or high-speed link.
  • 40 MB free hard-disk space.
  • Use with any Internet browser
  • The Most Advanced Internet Filtering TechnologyHow does it work?

    Optenet PC uses 2 methods of filtering content in order to guarantee complete coverage of the Internet as well as accuracy in filtering the right content.
    1. Extensive URL Databaseour researchers maintain the highest accuracy possible

    Optenet PC includes an extensive database of web pages that is continually and constantly updated. The pages are categorized by a staff of researchers to provide the highest accuracy possible. When a user with Optenet PC on their computer tries to access a web page, the OPTENET PC Web Filter checks to see if the web site is included in the database. If it is, the content will be allowed or blocked depending on its classification. Furthermore, Optenet provides a 24/7 unblocking service so that any site that you believe should not be blocked will be corrected within minutes of reporting it.

    2. Semantic Content Analyzerinnovative, dynamic, on-the-fly filtering technology

    If a requested site is not found in the Optenet PC database of URL’s, at this point the requested page is analyzed by an innovative, dynamic, on-the-fly filtering technology. The analysis engine has been developed by OPTENET using modern content selection technology, and is able to analyze web pages online in order to detect whether access is appropriate or not. Only dynamic technology can truly keep up with the constantly changing and growing Internet. Optenet PC Parental Controls works in real-time to cover the entire Web, analyzing each and every page that is requested and preventing all inappropriate Internet content from appearing on your PC. Other solutions do not actually use technologythey rely solely on a database of websites.
    Content in other Languagesa truly global solution

    Don’t overlook the fact that the Internet is a global community filled with content in just about every language. Unfortunately, this means that inappropriate content is available in many languages as well. Families want to be careful of content, no matter what language is used – especially when the content of a site includes disturbing or adult content images. Most other filters are almost solely focused on English based content sites. Optenet is a truly international solution with the ability to analyze text in 7 languages.

    Only Optenet PC includes the Semantic Content Analyzer
    In addition to including cutting edge technology, Optenet PC is a highly intuitive, useful product:

  • Install in minutes
  • Browsing speed is not affected.
  • Filter downloads and specific protocols
  • Manage time spent on Internet.
  • Remotely enable or disable Internet access on your home PC.
  • The database is automatically updated every day.
  • Unblocking Service for Web pages in the event of error, em 15 minutos (24×7).
  • Content is filtered in seven languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Italian.
    And much more . . .
  • 30-day Guarantee30-day Guarantee

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