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Thank you for considering Realtime-Spy! We guarantee you will not be let down by its powerful capabilities. You may purchase Realtime-Spy online via secure ordering, via phone/fax, or via postal mail.

All purchases come with unlimited, lifetime tech-support (in the rare case you need it), as well as free minor version upgrades, and full upgrades for 60 days! Extra seats can be purchased and added to the base purchase price to cover more PC’s if you have them!

Purchase Realtime-Spy
First License + Software: $79.95

Purchase Realtime-Spy for an Additional PC
Monitor more PC’s with your Realtime-Spy software!
$19.95 per additional computer

Purchase Realtime-Spy Custom Username
Pick your own custom username for Realtime-Spy for extra privacy and security.
$9.95 one time purchase


Realtime-Spy Telephone/Fax Purchase
You can purchase Realtime-Spy via Telephone/Fax! Simply choose the Phone or Fax purchase method on our above online order forms. You will receive further instructions on how to complete your order!


  1. bill milton

    can this software be used to monitor an apple I-pad and can it be remotely installed?

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  3. antonio jose silva


    Este programa depois de instalado no computador a monotorizar é oculto ?Quem utilizar o computador remoto, detectará alguma coisa ?
    Antonio Silva

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