Verifica angajaţii dumneavoastră’ Activitatea la distanţă prin intermediul PC activitate de spionaj

As vrea sa stiu ce fac angajaţii mei pe computerele lor pentru că bănuiesc ei vizita adesea independenți de pagini web online. Is there any good PC spy software that I can use to spy my employees?

În mod evident, calculatorul a devenit o parte esenţială a aproape în fiecare casă şi fiecare serviciu! Many people admit that not having a computer is inconvenient. It indeed helps people save a lot of time and energy, cu toate acestea, it also can become a time waster if we misuse the computer. For employers, the most difficult thing is to spy on employeesactivities on their computer during their working time! Many employers find that their employees spend a lot of time visiting web pages unrelated to their work, which often can lead to costly mistakes and low productivity.

For supervisors, it is very important to know how to spy on your employeesactivity under your control! Micro Keylogger for PC is good PC spy software that can not only remotely spy PC activity like keystrokes typed, site-urile vizitate, application used, fişierele descărcate, but also can stop employees from visiting web pages that you don’t allow them to visit during the working time, or prevent them from using certain applications on their PC. În acest fel, you can easily watch everything they do and also restrict your employeesactivities at work!