Aobo Mac кейлоггер 3.3 Released

Aobo Software, the global award-winning company of spy and access control software, announced the release of Aobo Mac кейлоггер 3.3 on December 6, 2010.

What is Aobo Mac Keylogger?

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger is a piece of spy software targeting the Mac platform that can be used to monitor all of your activities on your computer. This keylogger can be applied by parents and employers to gain access to your Mac activity. Some people also use it to catch a cheating spouse.

What Can You Do With Aobo Mac Keylogger?

  • Monitor your Children Curious children often search for inappropriate content or chat with bad guys online. Now with the Mac keylogger you can know everything and protect them.
  • Поймать обман супруга Вы подозревали, что ваш супруг обманывает вас? Why he/she cleans the tracks on the computer? Now with the keylogger for Mac he/she can’t hide anymore.
  • Контролировать ваши сотрудники Является ли ваш работник работает или играет? Вы заметили падение производительности? Now you can know the truth with Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X.
New Features of Aobo Mac Keylogger 3.3
  • Record Skype conversations (обе стороны)
  • Record AIM conversations (обе стороны)
  • Record iChat conversations (обе стороны)
  • Record Adium conversations (обе стороны)
  • Record MSN conversations (обе стороны)
  • Customize log location
  • Compress screenshots to reduce size
  • Optional to send screenshots by email
  • Fully supports Mac OS X 10.4.x, 10.5.x, 10.6.x
  • Универсальные построения (для Intel и Power PC)
  • Supports MacBook/iMac/PowerPC/Macmini
About Aobo Software Aobo Software is dedicated to the spy software and access control software development. To help users gain more control on their computers, Aobo never stops improving the current products and developing new applications, both for PC and Mac.

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