Micro кейлоггер ПК – Undetectable Windows Keylogger

Micro кейлоггер ПК is an undetectable PC keylogger that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. The Key logger runs hidden in the background invisibly to Spy on your PC. This PC Keylogger allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs by email or FTP.


Системные требования :
Windows XP/Vista/7/8, 32/64bit

  • Стелс & undetectable Monitoring
  • Record Passwords typed in browsers, приложения
  • Record all keystrokes typed by the users on computer
  • Record websites visited, используемые приложения, Files downloaded
  • Capture desktop screenshots by interval
  • Block websites and applications (Great Parental control function )
  • Send logs to email or FTP space secretly
  • Easy to install and use
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What can you do with Micro PC Keylogger?

Поймать обман супруга

Catch Cheating Spouse
Do you feel your spouse behavior strangely recently? Do you want to know what they are doing every day online such as what websites he is visiting, or who he is contacting with? Now by using Micro Keylogger, you can watch every act your spouse does on the computer. If he/she has an affair and wants to cheat on you, you can easily and quickly get the truth!

Monitor and protect your kids

Keep Your Kids Safe Online
Do you ever worry that your kids may view some bad information such as porn websites, violent videos? Or do you want to know what they are doing every day online? With Micro Keylogger, you don’t need to worry any more. After installing it on your PC, it can help you record everything they do on the computer and block websites and applications!

Monitor and restrict employee

Supervise Your Employees Online
Why does the working efficiency drop so much? Are employees working or playing in working time? Many employees like to do something unrelated to their work. With Micro Keylogger, you can not only monitor all activity done on the computer, but also can help you block any applications or websites by keywords you want. Thus, there will be no secret about your employees.

Micro кейлоггер ПК is also an Access Control Software especially for parental control. It enables you to control, ограничивать и запись доступа и использования компьютера. You can prevent the use of specific programs, блокировать доступ к определенным веб-сайтам, ограничить доступ к функциям Windows, и многое другое. В дополнение к контроля доступа, Micro кейлоггер ПК can also record all user activities, том числе нажатий клавиш, websites visits, приложения побежал, Чаты и многое другое.

Key features of Micro PC Keylogger

  • Невидимый и обнаружить мониторинг
    Micro PC Keylogger is able to work automatically in a complete invisible and undetectable mode, which is less likely to be discovered by the monitored users.
  • Record Keystrokes and Passwords Typed
    All the keystrokes, including the passwords typed in browsers and applications, typed through keyboard can be recorded clearly for the convenience of your checking.
  • Log Websites visited, Applications used, Files downloaded
    Whenever you have installed it on the computer, you are able to know the website history and the application usage happening on the monitored users’ компьютер.
  • Take Screenshots Periodically
    Micro PC Keylogger allows you to take the screenshots in a preset interval for the active windows. Кроме того, the manually clean the screenshots is optional, you can choose it according to your needs.
  • Check Logs via Email or FTP
    The logs can be delivered to either your email box or FTP space that you can preset it. You are allowed to check the logs at anytime anywhere whenever the internet connection is available.
  • Block Websites and Applications
    You are able to keep track of the website history and application usage. Что еще важнее, blocking websites and applications is also available, то есть, you are allowed to block the improper website and application as well.

Why Micro PC Keylogger can be your ideal choice?

Powerful Monitoring and Blocking Features

Compared with the keylogger sold in the present market with a single function, Micro кейлоггер ПК is the all-in-one keylogger, which is the perfect combination of monitoring software and blocking software and turns out to be cost-effective. As long as you purchase it, you are allowed to enjoy its powerful function definitely.

Stealth and Undetectable Monitoring

No matter who you want to monitor, you are less likely to be discovered by the monitored users. Так, it is able to work in a complete silence and secret way, which is the basic element of the keylogger. Or your monitoring behavior turns out to be meaningless. Затем, Micro кейлоггер ПК is specially designed to fulfill your requirements.

Perfect After-sale Service

As long as you have any doubt about our product, you can connect with our customer service directly. We have the professional technical supports to every product we sold and are always ready to solve your problem as sooner as possible. Так, please connect with us without any hesitation.

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