Кто нуждается в программное обеспечение удаленного компьютера шпион?

Программное обеспечение шпиона может использоваться много хороших людей. Here are some examples.

Shared Computer Monitoring:
More than one person accesses your computer, and you would like to find out – what the computer is used for when you are away from it. Simply install All-In-One SPY to the computer you would like to monitor, and you will possess all the information that you need.

Сотрудник мониторинга:
You have a need to monitor how your employees use their working hours. All-In-One SPY will provide you with detailed information on all applications that were run on the computer including the start and close time for each of the applications.

Access Control:
You would like to disable some undesirable applications but would not like to remove them from your computer. All-In-One SPY allows disabling such applications at a glance.

Родительский контроль:
You would like to protect your child from viewing web pages that contain pornography items, brutality or other undesirable materials. All-In-One SPY allows blocking web pages that contain certain keywords.

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