Vohun MSN Monitor

Spy on MSN conversations Undetectably

Vohun MSN Monitor allows you to log chat conversations and block messages from unwanted people.

  • Spy in stealth and undetectable mode
  • Record incoming and outgoing chat text messages
  • Block unwanted peoples
  • Filter message content with pre-set keywords
  • Send reports to a pre-set Email
  • Also support ICQ/AIM/Windows Live messenger
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What can you do with MSN Spy Monitor?

» Protect your children:
Children are often curious for sexually-explicit content and they may chat with bad guys on MSN/AIM/Windows Live Messenger online. Now with the Vohun MSN Monitor you can know everything and protect them.

» Monitor your spouse:
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Why he/she cleans the MSN conversation tracks on the computer? Now with the Vohun MSN Monitor, he/she can’t hide anymore.

» Monitor your employees:
Is your employee working or playing? Have you noticed a drop in productivity? Now you can know the truth about what they are talking about through MSN with Vohun MSN Monitor

Key features of MSN Spy Monitor

  • Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.
  • Automatically capture incoming and outgoing chat conversations.
  • Block unwanted people with customized contact list.
  • Filter message content with customized keyword list.
  • Support MSN, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ and AOL.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • Export logs to HTML EXCEL format.
  • Send logging reports in text format to a pre-set email box .
  • Runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems. Only you can call out and close the program.
  • Works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003.

Screenshots of MSN Spy Monitor

How employee activity monitor works

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