Kako da nadgledate vaših zaposlenih’ Kompjuter efikasno

Za poslodavce, najveći problem je kako da ih pratiš zaposlenih’ Upotreba Web, e-mailovi, i druge aktivnosti na kompaniju računare i mobilne uređaje legalno. Većina zaposlenih volim da surfujem njihove društvenih mreža, sa svoje osobne stvari, radnji i ćaskanje na mreži, or even download files which are not related to their work at work hours. All of these activities reduce their productivity and make a lot fo loss for the company. The worse thing is that employees may reveal some confidential information to some competitor for their own interest! Take the issues mentioned above into consideration, it is important and necessary for employers to take actions to monitor your employees computer.

Monitoring Software

For many companies, it is a good and efficient way to use monitoring software to track employeesactivities. Commonly, such kind of software provides powerful monitoring features, and allows managers to do a centralized management. What does the centralized management mean? All logs recorded by the monitoring software will be uploaded to the online cloud panel, but the logs have been sorted by category and users or groups. Zbog toga, it is easy for managers to decide what logs they want to check, or whose logs or which group’s logs they want to check. Only with the Internet, managers can know all.

As far as I know, EaseMon zaposlenog monitoring softver is the most advanced one for many managers to monitor employeesactivities on their Mac computers. It provides powerful monitoring features like record keystrokes and passwords typed, poseжene, chat messages sent and received, application used, screenshots captured by keywords or time interval, and also enables you to manage all groups and members in a centralized management. It will make managersmonitoring more efficiently!

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