Top 5 Scams of Mobile Spy Phone Software

With the demand of mobile spy phone software growth, many software companies advertise and hype their spy phone software to promote their products; their ads say that mobile spy software supports remote installation, works on any phone model, offers unlimited range blue-tooth spy .etc. Don’t believe those false advertising; they are all scams. Here’s a quick guide to the Top 5 scams and schemes you’re most likely to encounter when purchasing mobile spy phone software. 1) Remote installation on the target phone: the biggest fraud in mobile spy software scams is that it claims you need no access to the target phone, which means you can remotely install the software on the target phone. This is unrealistic. After you purchase the so-called remote installable mobile spy software, you will have to physically install it, which would make you feel frustrated.  As for spy phone software, there is no technology now achieving remote installation. Keep in mind that you need physically install mobile spy software on the target phone. 2) Spy on any mobile phone: another common trap is that any mobile phone can be supported by mobile software. Never trust those advertisements claiming that phone spy software can work on any cell phone. When purchasing mobile spy software, you should check the phone compatibility.  Besides, you should know that when mobile spy phone software works on the target the phone, it requires that the target phone has internet available to upload the logs data to your online account of your spy phone software. It means that not all phones can be supported by the mobile spy software. You should check the target phone compatibility and the internet connection. 3) Offer free version or absolutely free phone spy software: you may find some ads showing that there is completely free spy phone software. Pay attention to this, it may be a scheme. As we know, there’s no totally free phone spy software on the market now; even though only a few software companies offer a short time free trial, you may pay to use it when the free trial expires. Those totally free version software may be virus. Don’t be trapped. 4) Achieve monitoring purposes via phone number: some software suppliers claim that you can spy on the target mobile phone only if you know the phone number. It is also a snare. Phone number can be used to check the phone number attribution from the Internet, or the police can use certain professional system to trace the location of the phone by the number. To achieve monitoring plan, you need to install mobile spy software on the phone you want to spy on. 5) Provide unlimited range blue-tooth spy software: we know that blue-tooth is a short-range technology for wireless communication. Cell phones can be connected via blue-tooth in a short-range, not long range, even not anywhere. So those ads saying that blue-tooth spy software has unlimited range or can spy on the phone from anywhere is fake.

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