Çocuklar artırmak Android için ekran zaman sınırı’ verimlilik

Çocuk iPad üzerinde çok fazla zaman geçirdim gibi Android cihaz için ekran süresini sınırlamak için büyük ölçüde birçok ebeveyn tarafından aranıyor. Çocuklarınızın söyleyerek duymuş olmalı ' bekle, Ben bırakmadan önce bu seviyede tamamlamak gerekir ' ya da 'sadece beş dakika lütfen'. These are some of the common phrases that nearly every parent listens to whenever he or she asks the phone back. It is practically difficult to set screen time limit upon your kid as you can neither blackmail them nor force them to do anything. The games that Google play store offers are wonderfully engaging and not only children but parents also find these games highly engaging in such situation you need to see first, how much time the kid is spending over the game. If it’s not so much then it’s better not to limit time. However if the kid is addicted and goes on playing games for hours and on snatching the mobile starts tantrum then limiting screen time for Android is the best option to resort to. Without giving rise to any conflict parents can easily control their children as there are some good reliable tools and apps using which it is easier to enforce screen time limits.

Why is it necessary to limit screen time on Android?

The rapid development of Android device pushes many parents to limit screen time for Android with various ways. Invention of Android is so groundbreaking that Android can do almost everything for you, such as purchasing items, booking tickets, and ordering food. Android is having something for everyone; this OS can be ready to give something to children as well. When it is about downloading games and apps, Android is having a huge stock to offer. It’s pretty challenging to exhaust all games as Play Store keeps on updating their stocks. In such situation, there is only one way to protect your child from unnecessary downloads and inappropriate websites.

Kids have a tendency to browse apps during bed time or when they are on holidays, they stay with mobiles for hours. In that way they will be limiting their resting hours also be involving them more and more into the world of games. Apps like iKeyMonitor not only restrict the time but also limit their web activities. The moment this app is accessed one will be able to block all the sites which are inappropriate. Parents should be using this app in order to monitor and limit screen time. When children are not sticking with the mobile device they will be encouraged to involve into varying non-tech activities. When you can limit screen time for Android you can easily prepare a healthy play diet. You don’t have to be involved into unhealthy fall outs.

Limit screen time for Android with iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is one of the groundbreaking apps that limits screen time for Android quite easily. This app helps in limiting access to sites in which kids are likely to access. So children will be browsing everything according to your wish, and will be watching content according to your wish. And the most wonderful fact is that you can manage and control everything without being visible. So detecting your existence behind every controlling maneuver is really challenging.

Features of iKeyMonitor

When it comes to enumerating the features of iKeyMonitor, this is one of the finest spy apps which will be offering you a number of benefits. iKeyMonitor not only works well in limiting screen time for Android, but also can be used for many other purposes.

  • Günlük tuş vuruşlarını ve girilen parola
  • Günlük her iki tarafı arama geçmişi
  • Günlük gönderilen ve alınan SMS
  • Facebook/Skype/KIK/Viber oturum
  • Günlük URL'leri ziyaret edilen web siteleri
  • Uygunsuz Apps/Oyunlar/web siteleri
  • Önceden ayarlanan bir aralıkla esir alma screenshots
  • Günlük sohbet iletileri takıldığı bir yer yok
  • Hedef telefonu GPS konumunu izlemek
  • Yolu ile e-posta/Online sunucu günlüklerini görüntüleme
  • Sınıf başkanı tüm hareket içinde görünmez bir tarz
  • Limit Screen Time on Android Phone

For anyone who wants to limit screen time for Android, iKeyMonitor will be a good choice. iKeyMonitor not only enables you to have full control over screen time limit on Android phone and tablet, but also allows you to monitor almost all the mobile activities.

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