Android için Web filtresi yasaklayan uygunsuz web kolaylaştırır

Android için Web filtresi sayesinde, ne zaman onlar onların Android telefon veya tablet ile Internet sörf Biz çocuklarımız için bir temiz ve güvenli çevrimiçi ortamı inşa edebilirsiniz. Endişe çocuklar bu ebeveynler için sörf veya porno gibi uygun olmayan Web sitelerini ziyaret, şiddet, ve cyberbullying, iKeyMonitor web filter for Android can solve the problem perfectly.

Why need web filter for Android?

Internet sources infinite information, offers items for entertainment and recreation. Unlike earlier days when the Internet was only accessed by limited few people, today almost everyone from children to adults to elderly can access Internet to meet their objective. With the invention of OS like Android, it has become profitable for those who seek to complete their task on mobile devices like phone or tablet. Whether purchasing any item or playing games, watching videos or engaging in chatting and communication, Android helps great deal but often children are badly affected in this whole process. Children don’t know which way to go, what is good for them what not and most importantly they don’t know what to download and what site is literally inappropriate for them to access. In such situation there is only one way to restrict the activities on your Android device, and that is making use of web filter for Android.

Children take interest in doing what they are forbidden, so they like playing games as Google Play Store is having huge stock of games and upgrades the stock almost every day in order to make gaming experience more thrilling and stimulating. No matter how restricted they are, children still find out ways to download sites and apps which contain entertaining contents and sometimes adult contents. Sensing this terrorizing situation, numbers of companies have introduced their web filters for Android in the market but few are extremely expensive whereas few don’t work as they claim.

Why opt for iKeyMonitor web filter for Android?

iKeyMonitor web filter for Android is one groundbreaking discovery which helps individuals restrict their web movement suitably. As this app is relatively easier to access and the interface is loaded with features which will allow you to block inappropriate websites and apps.

The best thing about iKeyMonitor is that it allows invisible monitoring. The moment when the target Android device starts, one may get every detail of what activities are performed so far. Ayrıca, this app logs URLs of websites visited and limits screen time on Android Phone. iKeyMonitor wonderfully hides itself from detection and sends logs to the email and FTP silently and automatically. As one of the best Android web filter applications, iKeyMonitor hides root information on target Android devices. This wonderful filtering app keeps track of all the keystrokes, and keeps records of usernames and passwords in hidden mode.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor Android Internet filter not only blocks inappropriate websites, also performs many other key features which enables parents to have full parental control over children’s Android device.

  • Günlük tuş vuruşlarını ve girilen parola
  • Günlük her iki tarafı arama geçmişi
  • Günlük gönderilen ve alınan SMS
  • Facebook/Skype/KIK/Viber oturum
  • Günlük URL'leri ziyaret edilen web siteleri
  • Uygunsuz Apps/Oyunlar/web siteleri
  • Önceden ayarlanan bir aralıkla esir alma screenshots
  • Günlük sohbet iletileri takıldığı bir yer yok
  • Hedef telefonu GPS konumunu izlemek
  • Yolu ile e-posta/Online sunucu günlüklerini görüntüleme
  • Sınıf başkanı tüm hareket içinde görünmez bir tarz
  • Limit Screen Time on Android Phone

As the most powerful and professional web filter for Android, iKeyMonitor enjoys wide popularity among parents who want to keep tabs on children’s Android device usage. If you are also one of the parents who want to keep children away from inappropriate sites such as porn, şiddet, cyberbullying, and gambling sites, iKeyMonitor is the best solution to all your problems.

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