Monitor Employee with EAM Imonitor

Employee monitoring software can eliminate of all your afflictions if you are worried about the business productivity and want to ensure that your staff is not misusing the computer and the Internet provided to them. E-mail and IM communications, ابطن گری, file switching and a huge assortment of various other […]

Industrious or Indolent? Test with employee monitoring

The same point of the office and the classroom: Therere good students who pay attention to the class and follow the rules, also therere Mischievous Boys; In the office, both cautious, conscientious and indolent, unoccupied employees are out there. The difference is: One of the task of teachers […]

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor Professional

امونیٹر ملازم سرگرمی مانیٹر – Solution for Companies & Organizations Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor is an all-in-one Employee monitoring software for real-time network employee computer monitoring, ملازم سرگرمی کی نگرانی, content filtering and employeeswork time tracking System Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit Log email, فوری پیام کاری, کلیدی ضربیں, print […]