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[Câu hỏi]: Does RemoteSpy work with my internet connection?
Có, RemoteSpy works with all internet connections including but not limited to local area networks (LAN), cáp, DSL, ADSL, và quay số kết nối. The upload speed for log files may vary depending on your internet connection.

[Câu hỏi]: Tài khoản RemoteSpy của tôi được bảo vệ? Can anyone access it?
RemoteSpy uses a plethora of security measures to maintain the safety and integrity of your personal information. Sensitive information transmitted between you and our website is SSL encrypted and can only be accessed with your username and password.

[Câu hỏi]: Can RemoteSpy be installed from external drives or CDROMS?
Có, RemoteSpy can be installed simply by copying the monitoring executable generated from your configuration to your PC. Simply copy the file to a disk and run the file on the PC to be monitored (which you also own) to begin monitoring it. You, the owner of the PC, will know it’s there, but none of the other users of your computer will know that your PC is being monitored: The installation is completely stealth and runs instantly.

[Câu hỏi]: How do I view the recorded data in my members account?
Upon purchase, each RemoteSpy user is given detailed instructions on how to access their account. This email issues you an order ID which is used to create your personal username and password for logging in and reviewing log details over an encrypted connection.

[Câu hỏi]: How do I retrieve a lost password?
If you have lost your password you may retrieve it here simply by entering your username and email address. It will be sent to you immediately.

[Câu hỏi]: What operating system is RemoteSpy compatible with?
RemoteSpy is compatible with all browsers and is fully compatible with Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP/Vista and Intel MAC Computers with Windows installed. We currently do not support the monitoring of non-Intel based MAC Computers, but you can create your RemoteSpy module and deliver it from a MAC to a Windows-based PC for recording.

[Câu hỏi]: What happens when a user clicks on the monitoring .exe?
RemoteSpy is completely stealth and capable of being installed on your PC without warning to the rest of the users on your computer. Only you, the owner of the PC, will know it’s there. Once the executable is clicked, the monitoring application will be started instantly. If you choose not to use the notification function, the software will give no signs or warnings whatsoever that other users of your computer will see.

[Câu hỏi]: How do I uninstall RemoteSpy once I am done using it?
RemoteSpy can be easily uninstalled by logging into your RemoteSpy control panel, selecting a user and clicking uninstall. This will completely stop the monitoring process and uninstall RemoteSpy.

[Câu hỏi]: If I purchase RemoteSpy, do I get unlimited use of the software?
Once you complete your secure online purchase and access your RemoteSpy account you are given 365 days access to this account. You may log as many users as you want on a single computer. Additional licenses are available for just $19.95 each if you need to monitor more than one computer. You will receive an email notice when your account is due for renewal a week prior to it expiring.

[Câu hỏi]: What is the cost to renew my account for another year?
After a year access to RemoteSpy.com you’ll be provided an option to renew your account for an additional year at a discounted rate of $29.95. Renewing provides a client with ongoing data storage and bandwidth on the log servers as well as access to free version upgrades. Renewal discount is available up to 60 days after your account expires.

[Câu hỏi]: Will a firewall stop RemoteSpy software from working?
All software must get past your firewall in order to be installed. A firewall is a good thing when it blocks software you don’t want, but in the case of installing RemoteSpy on your PC to monitor its activity, RemoteSpy uses a special feature to send the logs to our server. A firewall in most cases will not stop RemoteSpy from transmitting data recorded from your PC.

[Câu hỏi]: How often do the logs update?
Logs will update in 10 minute intervals once installed. The monitored computer must be turned on and connected to the internet for updates to occur.

[Câu hỏi]: Where do I download my software?
You can configure and download your RemoteSpy module at any time via theCreate Spymodulearea inside of your RemoteSpy.com administration area. Your customized spymodule is the file you deliver and have executed or opened on the computer you own that wish to monitor. The RemoteSpy module cannot be used on any computer other than one you own or have the owner’s consent to install it on.

[Câu hỏi]: Where can I purchase additional licenses?
You can purchase additional licenses by clicking here. Each additional license is $19.95 and will automatically be added to your current account if your original order and extra license order contain similar billing information or email address.

3 ý kiến

  1. Can this be remote installed on a macbook from a windows based pc And logs read on the windows pc?

  2. Can Norton or any other anti-virus software detect Remote pc spy software, when sent via email to the remote computer?
    I already own Win-spy, and although their is a facility in the software, to send remotely, the recieving computer detects with anti-virus software. this is no good to me, if it is the same as, win-spy.
    —Chào bạn, Norton won’t detect the remote spy software

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