Want to Catch A Cheating Spouse?

Do you want to catch a cheating husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you suspect your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you? If so, what could you do? Some people often tend to use spy apps like iKeyMonitor to spy on the suspicious husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, does it really work?

Indeed, a spy app is usually allowed to log keystrokes, SMS and call history, chat conversations on Skype/WhatsApp/Kik/Line/Viber/Facebook/Hangouts, web history, screenshots and more. If you want to catch a cheater through recording the logs on these applications, it does work!

But there is a problem about using spy apps – is it legal to use spy apps to spy on a cheating spouse? The answer is NO! So we do not recommend anyone to use spy apps to spy on your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend.


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