Mac OS X 奧博鍵盤記錄的好處

目前互聯網在最廣泛使用的技術中名列前茅. 然而, 壞的是, 互聯網使用的擴展也出現了許多問題。. To make clear if the Internet is properly used on a Mac by your kids, 配偶和雇員, you may consider applying a Mac 的鍵盤記錄 您的電腦上.

  • Most Internet access is not under restriction. 因此, more children are visiting dirty websites. They are also susceptible to chatting with bad people over the Internet. Addiction to online and computer games has also gone up.
  • Spouses are also finding approaches to breach the marriage by having affair with others online. People tend to misuse the Internet and they conduct illicit affairs and cheat on their partners on account of the Internet.
  • Employees are also getting tricky. Seeing as the resources are not limited, employees may waste company time to further their own agendas. Some of them even go far as to steal company secrets and sell them to competitors.

In case all the above situations worry you, you only need to get the Mac 的鍵盤記錄.

Need More Professional Employee Monitoring Solution for Mac OS X?
檢查一體式員工監視器 – Mac 的 Easemon!

Parents will be able to survey your children when they go online. No secrets will remain hidden away from you by installing a Mac 的鍵盤記錄, in this way parents will provide kids with the protection they need from various threats. Spouses and employees can also be monitored to check what they are doing online. You will have evidence of whatever they do while on the Internet. This is possible only if you rely on Mac 的鍵盤記錄.

  • Aobo Mac 的鍵盤記錄 logs almost everything including the websites users visit, the people they talk with online, what they say and the applications they use.
  • Along the same lines, Aobo Mac 的鍵盤記錄 program will take desktop screenshots at preset intervals. The keystrokes that are typed into any application also get recorded.
  • Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional version can even Record Passwords so you can access Facebook accounts or Email addresses of the people you are looking to survey.

Regular-time log reports will be sent to your Email address or FTP space by Aobo Mac 的鍵盤記錄. This means you don’t have to log on to the Mac to view logs when it is not convenient for you to do so. Aobo Mac 的鍵盤記錄 is also password protected. This is a great benefit since other Mac users cannot effectively discover the keylogger when they are being monitored.

Aobo Mac 的鍵盤記錄 is now Lion Supported. Download Free Trial and discover the truth without hesitation now!