Remote Employee Monitoring Software

If you run a company or you are in the admin department whose work is to handle with compliance issues, you couldn’t miss a good helper, remote employee monitoring software. You may be conscious that employees are addicted to the social networking like viral diseases. They work also but still […]

Monitor Employee with EAM Imonitor

Employee monitoring software can eliminate of all your afflictions if you are worried about the business productivity and want to ensure that your staff is not misusing the computer and the Internet provided to them. E-mail and IM communications, web 流覽, file switching and a huge assortment of various other […]

Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor Professional

Imonitor 員工活動監視器 – Solution for Companies & Organizations Imonitor Employee Activity Monitor is an all-in-one Employee monitoring software for real-time network employee computer monitoring, 員工活動監視, 內容過濾和員工’ work time tracking System Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7 32bit or 64bit Log email, 即時消息, 擊鍵, print […]